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Saturday, August 21, 2021

Cirque du Tarot: A Deck Interview

Cirque Du Tarot
Tarot Deck and Guidebook
by Leeza Robertson
Illustrated by Josh Tufts
Llewellyn Publications
Available September 8, 2021

As promised at the end of my _REVIEW_ of this deck, I am now sharing a Deck Interview. I sit alone in my ringside seat under the big top to ask my questions. Each card that answers steps into the spotlight in the center ring to give a response.

How would you describe your essence or essential energy?


I am your Inner Child, the spirit who brings you memories of a different place and time – real or imagined – when anything was possible and everything was waiting to be discovered. I am here to help you draw from that time and place, to bring what is long gone into the present. I will help you experience again the playfulness, the sense of wonder, and the willingness to suspend disbelief – but also to help you leave behind that which must be allowed to fade away into the past. 

Which card do you feel reflects my essence or essential energy?


Impatience and impulsiveness are major components of your essence or essential energy. This Knight shares the sign Sagittarius with you, although not your specific decan. As such, he represents the assertiveness and need to take action you see quite clearly in yourself. In the Cirque du Tarot, this Knight jumps, runs, twists, and turns – all while carrying fire. Impressive, to be sure. But it might benefit you to take a few deep breaths from time to time to let your mind, emotions, and body rest.

What story do you hope to tell me?


The story I hope to tell you is is a story about lack or loss of energy, the feeling of being uninspired or bored. But this is not the whole story. You must not make it the whole story. Our minds and hearts tell us many stories every day, week to week, year to year. What you need to realize is that a story based on your current mood is not meant to be told more than once, fleetingly, acknowledging it as a phase, something that will pass. Always know that there is a new opportunity within reach, within range, if you are open to recognizing it.

What should I not expect from you?


Do not expect me to be your only source of knowledge, expertise, or wisdom. In fact, there is no one source for that, and in the Cirque du Tarot, even The Hierophant is part of a team. I know who I am and I never doubt my strengths, but I cannot be your crutch or your only resource.

Which card most closely represents us as a team?


As a team, we are prepared and eager to travel great distances, to seize opportunities to journey in any direction, for any purpose. Together we can venture outside any and all comfort zones to seek new dreams, new paths, and new experiences. All aboard!

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  1. Interesting - loved the card that represents you as a team.


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