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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

“Should I move to another city?”

A sample reading using
The Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot
Designed by Karen Mahony and Alex Ukolov
(Baba Studio)

Should I move to another city?


Only you can answer a question as important as this one. However, the tarot can assist you in looking at this situation and can give you helpful information with which to make this decision.

The Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot

(1) what you need to know about moving: FOUR OF WANDS. On this card we see a cat with a faraway look in her eyes. Behind her four saplings burst into flower. Behind her, a cautious-looking cat watches with a mixture of anticipation and anxiety. What you need to know is that moving will require a break from your normal habits, which could be exciting -- an opportunity to "take a break" from the patterns, habits, and routines of your current everyday life. There is a risk involved, which can be stimulating or scary, depending on your point of view. The setting for this card is springtime, a time of year when people often decide to leave the old, safe routine behind and try something adventurous. Although you do not like the city where your family lives, you may find that deliberately stepping outside your "comfort zone" may actually inspire you and give you a new feeling of freedom.

(2) what you need to know about staying: SEVEN OF WANDS. On this card a snarling cat wields a wand, seemingly against aggressors attacking from below. What you need to know is that staying where you are may lead to conflict or "battle" of some sort. In some areas, you may manage just fine, but this card suggests that you may feel alone and unsupported in other areas. Although you may eventually emerge a winner, the struggle may wear you down, and you may feel overwhelmed at times. Only you can decide if the battle is worth the energy you are likely to expend gaining or defending your position. Is it possible that you would be "biting off more than you can chew"?

(3) what will help you remain balanced and focused as you make this decision: KNIGHT OF PENTACLES. On this card we see a well-dressed Knight riding an elegant horse across a courtyard. The horse seems somewhat static. The palace gates behind the Knight are locked. Taking a practical, sensible, down-to-earth approach will help you remain balanced and focused as you make this decision. The Knight of Pentacles is orderly, methodical and patient. He usually prefers to play it safe rather than take risks. This energy will help you stay grounded but, if taken too far, it can lead to being over-cautious or obsessive. The Knight of Pentacles also advises you not to be stubborn or "set in your ways," an attitude that can impede your success and progress. The suit of Pentacles is the suit of Earth, associated with the material world, finances, and work, which implies that you would be wise to consider these issues carefully.

The suit of Wands (in positions 1 and 2) is the suit of Fire, suggesting that whether you stay or go, there is a high potential for activity, change, and upheaval. There are risks and opportunities inherent in both choices.

Please keep in mind that my purpose is to help you examine and explore the area you have asked about. I don't have all the answers. Some parts of the reading may make more sense to you or be more useful to you than others. It is my hope that the insight gained through this reading will help you make decisions and take action in line with your best interests. Always remember that your future lies in your hands.

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