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Thursday, March 21, 2019

For the Spring Equinox: A Reading with the Seasons Layout

The Runic Tarot

In celebration of the Spring Equinox, I am using my Runic Tarot by Caroline Smith and John Astrop (St. Martin’s Griffin) and The Seasons Layout provided in the guidebook that accompanies that deck.

My question is, “What do I need to understand about my mother’s adjustment to her new residence?”

For this layout, four cards are drawn to represent:
(1) Spring: the question’s starting point
(2) Summer: flowering or possibilities
(3) Autumn: appearance of fruits – the outcome
(4) Winter: benefits gained

The positions are arranged as if on a zodiac wheel:


My reading:

(1) Spring: the question’s starting point
Imbolc / 3 / INSIGHT

This card is linked with the third week of spring. Linked with the signs Aquarius and Gemini (3rd House), it points to shared thoughts, talking, communication, perceiving, and gathering information. Certainly all of those things have been going on in our attempt to get my 97-year-old mother moved into an assisted living facility where she will be safe and cared for. Interestingly, my husband is a Gemini and my sister is an Aquarius.

(2) Summer: flowering or possibilities
Samhain / 10 / LAW, RULES

Lots of Capricorn (10th House) linked with this card, which is also linked to the second week of January, the season Winter, and the element Air. This card points to adapting to rules as well as making sure things are fair and just. Learning, understanding, and abiding by rules is an important factor in any long-term care facility. My sun is in the Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp.

(3) Autumn: appearance of fruits – the outcome

The rune Ur is featured on this card, which is linked to the energy of both Aries and Taurus. The card represents a time of “great energy and health,” which is an excellent outcome to look forward to.

(4) Winter: benefits gained
Samhain / 4 / TRAVEL, FAMILY

Linked with Winter and the element Air, this card represents the 4th week of November and the zodiac signs Sagittarius and Cancer (4th House). I am pretty sure my mother will not be traveling, but there is the potential for a relationship with someone from “abroad” or perhaps a visit from relatives. These benefits are gained in part because of the “great energy and health” indicated by Card 3. Interestingly, my Sun sign is Sagittarius.

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