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Saturday, February 17, 2018

REVIEW: The Lunar Nomad Oracle


The Lunar Nomad Oracle: 
43 Cards to Unlock Your Creativity and Awaken Your Intuition 
by Shaheen Miro
Book: 160 pages
Cards: 43; 4-1/4 x 6 inches
Publisher: _Weiser Books_
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1578636310
ISBN-13: 978-1578636310

Having fallen in love long ago (2013) with Shaheen’s Tattered Nomad Oracle (see my review of that deck HERE), I couldn’t wait to get his Lunar Nomad Oracle deck and book in my hands.

EDITED TO ADD: The Lunar Nomad Oracle and Tattered Nomad decks are not identical. Some have been reworked for the Lunar Nomad deck. (zs 3 Apr 2018)

My copy of the Tattered Nomad deck is “poker size,” meaning fairly small cards (3-1/2 x 2-1/2 inches). The Lunar Nomad deck cards are larger (6 x 4-1/4 inches), so I can appreciate the art even more.

With the Tattered Nomad deck, I received an 8 by 10-3/4 inch paper insert giving keywords for each card and a diagram of how to lay out the cards for a reading. The Lunar Nomad Oracle comes with a 143-page guide filled with so much more than keywords.

I love this new “incarnation” of the Tattered Nomad Oracle as the Lunar Nomad Oracle! The cards are packaged in a lightweight cardboard box, which is then placed into a sturdier box made with one side open. The guidebook slips neatly into that heavier box alongside the box of cards. Kudos to Weiser Books for this attractive and practical presentation!

I read the guidebook cover to cover, while looking at each card as I read Shaheen’s descriptions, insights, and commentary. The care, attention, and writing style all combine to create an enjoyable, informative experience.

The idea of my Lunar Self appearing in “sudden sparks of inspiration, the stirring of dramatic gut feelings, in vivid dreams” resonates strongly with me. I would like to think that I am not burying my Lunar Self these days or allowing my Solar Self to take over. However, at one time in my life, I am certain that I did do that. I agree with Shaheen when he writes, “It is important to understand that the Solar and Lunar Self are not in opposition with each other when they are fully venerated. The Solar Self supports the Lunar Self. . . The Solar Self takes the abstract impressions of the Lunar Self and finds a way to utilize the information in a logical sequence.”

Let’s visit some of my favorite cards…

MOON (32)

Keywords: “emotion, feeling, intuition, lunar cycle, art, hidden talents, imagination, winter”

Favorite Quotes:
“The Moon offers a passage into your unconscious mind where your wisdom, potential, and power really reside.”
“Something deep within you is awakening. Make space for that beautiful moonbeam to glow and gain light.”
Mushrooms are plentiful on this card. As a symbol, mushrooms can represent longevity, an image of primeval Heaven, the souls of the dead or reborn, or life regenerated (life from death). Supernatural associations with mushrooms are also common.

TOWER (19)

Keywords: “authority, large business, buildings, places of power, school, church, enterprise, condescendence”

Favorite Quotes:

“Historically the Tower was built as a defensive structure. . . Whoever watches from the Tower is alerted to your presence before your arrival.”
“The Tower can become a shadow or a torch. What are you locking away from the world? What feelings are you trying to swallow?”
Unlike traditional Tower card in the Tarot, there is no lightening or fire hitting the central structure, nor are the people falling from the windows or parapets. Huge wings seem to me to suggest the possible beneficial nature of place of power, depending on what you are looking for or rebelling against.

STARS (16)

Keywords: “wishes, hopes, possibilities, guidance, independence, dreams, expansion, fame”

Favorite Quotes:
“In the vast expanses of the sky, an octopus floats tranquilly in the embrace of infinity. He is an emblem of mystery and intelligence. The enigmatic quality of the octopus mirrors the mystery within each of us.”
“Consider looking at your natal chart to gain more insight on the energies that are working in your life. Moving with the cosmic flow allows you to create more fluidity.”
I just love the design and coloring of this card, especially the octopus as he shoots through the sky as if sky and ocean were one and the same.


Keywords: “confusion, conflict, lack of focus, obstacles, worries, depression”

Favorite Quotes:

“Confusion can blow in like a deadly storm or slip silently through the cracks like an insidious smoke.”
“The Clouds may seem ominous, but avoid holding them in contempt. They are teachers of tough love. Usually they show us where we are working too hard and pushing against our own wisdom.”
I love that this illustration shows a perfume atomizer and clouds of fragrance, capable of confusing not only the eye but the sense of smell and taste. Clouds up in the sky seem far away, but clouds of smoke or perfume swirling around your head add a dimension to the card that I find enriching and enlightening.


The Lunar Nomad Oracle is a set of keys for unlocking and understanding your intuitive side, your "lunar self." As a nomad on the path of the lunar self, you will awaken your sense of wonder and discover your creative desires to facilitate introspection, awareness, and lasting change.

The Lunar Nomad Oracle is inspired by the traditional Lenormand system, but unlike the Lenormand, this deck comprises 43 cards and additional significator cards that are multiracial and multiethnic. The Lunar Nomad Oracle cards are rich with layers, colors, and imagery, all designed to speak to the intuitive self. The book and deck allow users to explore their inner depths, looking for clues and prompts to activate their lunar side--their creativity, intuition, and inner wisdom. The symbolism of the cards helps the user formulate a story or reading. The process will be familiar to followers of tarot, but because The Lunar Nomad Oracle does not have suits or a linear structure, readers have the freedom and fluidity to really explore the deck and add their own insights and interpretations.


Shaheen Miro is a spiritual nomad working with people all over the world to help them reclaim their power through intuitive guidance, energy work, and spiritual cleansing. As a tarot and tea leaf reader, he conducts workshops and presentations nationally. Visit him at www.shaheenmiroinsights.com.

Stay tuned for a deck interview!


  1. I have these pre-ordered from Amazon. They're lovely, and so is this review. <3

  2. If I may, the cards are not exactly the same. Some of them have been reworked from the "Tattered" into the "Lunar" Oracle.

    Thanks for the review.

    1. I do apologize! I did not mean to suggest that they are identical decks (in fact, I did not say that, but certainly one could infer that from what I did say).

    2. Yes I was responding to this :

      "The images used in the Lunar Nomad deck are the same as those in the Tattered Nomad deck, but the cards are larger"

      The images have been reworked for same cards, hence my comment. :)

    3. Well, that will teach me to multitask while attempting to re-read my own blog post. Fixing it (er... I *think* I fixed it?) Thanks for your persistence! I prefer to be correct/accurate whenever possible. :)


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