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Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Cardinal Spread - Imperial Dragon Oracle

Today’s spread is provided in the guidebook for the gorgeous Imperial Dragon Oracle deck by Andy Baggott & Peter Pracownik (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)

The 22 cards in this oracle deck correspond to the 22 Major Arcana cards of the Tarot.

Here is the layout for The Cardinal Spread:

Card 1: Where the root of the issue lies

THE DESTROYER (16) – Mars / The Tower / Breakthrough

Fiery Mars energy is clearly represented on this card in the form of a fire-breathing dragon. The root of this issue lies at a major breakthrough or catastrophe, a period of great instability filled with unexpected events. The energy here is “the movement from material to spiritual.” This “tower moment” could be something from the past or something happening right now (even if I haven’t noticed it yet?). If it was in the past, repercussions are still being felt at some levels, like aftershocks from an earthquake.

Card 2: Your guide in this issue

THE WOUNDED DRAGON (12) – Neptune / The Hanged Man / Peace

Andy Baggott does not see this card as symbolizing suffering but rather a catalyst to release us from old patterns in order to raise spiritual awareness. That transitional energy is perfect as a guide during an upheaval such as the one represented by Card 1. It is interesting that this is card 12 in the deck, linked with the planet Neptune, which rules the 12th House – House of Sorrows and Self-Undoing -- in Astrology. Very nice tie-in. To get through a major breakthrough, it is often necessary to let go of a self-defeating mindset, perception, or way of looking at things.

Card 3: What you need to learn from this issue

LOVE (6) – Mercury, Gemini / The Lovers / Acceptance

I need to learn how to open my heart and connect with unconditional love. This could apply to relationships with other people or to my relationship with myself. Ultimately, if possible, I need to choose to accept myself and accept that everything in my past needed to happen, even if I do not know why. Events that seem negative may actually contribute to an overall positive outcome.

Card 4: Obstacles or challenges you need to be aware of

WISDOM (2) – Moon / The High Priestess / Wisdom

This card represents “obstacles or challenges,” which leads me to consider the opposite of wisdom: superficial thinking and short-sightedness. A tendency towards selfishness or the opposing extreme – ignoring self to please others – may block or delay what I hope to gain.

Card 5: The potential future if lessons are learned and obstacles are overcome

THE MAGUS (1) – Mercury / Creativity

Well, this is a very nice “potential future,” indeed. The tools at the disposal of this Magus are: “the sword of truth that connects you to your higher self” and “the cup of creativity.” The symbol of the pentacle on the chalice represents Earth. I don’t see an obvious “Fire” symbol here, but the dragon is certainly a fiery red and the dark sky behind him is full of flame-colored light. The point, as with most Magician cards, is that I by drawing down spiritual energy, have all the resources I need to create the reality I desire. This depends, of course, on my willingness and ability to learn the lessons and overcome the obstacles presented earlier in the reading.

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