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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Court Case - A Lenormand Perspective

I did a reading about a court case/lawsuit back on November 8 using the Tarot. To read it, click HERE.  

I have decided to do a reading today on the same matter using one of my Lenormand decks. In keeping with Lenormand tradition, I will read a line of cards rather than using positional definitions.

I am doing a Lenormand line of five, where there is a central focus card, plus the following steps:
* The heart of the matter (2+3+4)
* 1+2
* 4+5
* Reflect 1+5 and 2+4

My question is: “What do my nieces and nephews need to expect or understand about the hearing on December 19?” 

I am using the Mystical Lenormand painted by Urban Trösch (AGMÜLLER). Here is the line:

CHILD (13) …........ MICE (23) …....... PATHS (22) …... ANCHOR (35) ….. PARK (20)

The Heart of the Matter: MICE + PATHS + ANCHOR

Guidebook: Loss, sorrows, theft PLUS alternatives, decision PLUS work, job, training, stability
This does describe the situation. The court case stems from a loss (death) and therefore sorrow, plus each party in the lawsuit considering the other to be a “thief,” taking things that belong to them. Both parties are seeking stability (Anchor) for themselves.

Regula Elizabeth Fiechter describes the combination of MICE and PATHS as “all ways blocked at the moment.” PATHS combined with ANCHOR = “way with a lot of work.” ANCHOR combined with MICE = “unemployment, difficulty at work.”

I get a sense of delays, blockages, or obstacles at the heart of this court case, that may make a resolution difficult and time-consuming. The Anchor can indicate being “stuck.”

1 + 2: CHILD plus MICE

Guidebook: Children PLUS loss, sorrows, theft
A very appropriate reference, as the children of the person who died (mentioned above) are on one side of this lawsuit, in danger of losing what they feel rightfully belongs to them.

4 + 5: ANCHOR plus PARK

Guidebook: work, job, training, stability PLUS public places, many people involved
There is a possible connotation here of a profession that involves working or contact with the public. Certainly that would apply to the attorneys and the judge in this situation.

Reflect 1+5 and 2+4:

CHILD plus PARK: If we take the “Child” as a reference to the children of the deceased person, we see them here in a public setting (the courtroom?).

MICE plus ANCHOR: Can suggest loss of a job, which could refer to any number of things here. Perhaps one of the parties will fire their attorney(s)? Perhaps the judge will be replaced? It is also interesting to consider that both parties are petitioning to be named “personal representative” for the deceased. One of the parties will be given that job officially by the court; the other will "lose" that job.

I can’t help thinking that things may not be completely resolved on December 19. There may be delays, perhaps due to a change in attorneys or judge or something being “stuck” in place causing a postponement or delay.

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