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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Elemental 4-card Reading with Dragon Oracle Cards

The newest member of my oracle deck collection is a lively deck called Dragon Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper (Hay House). Each card represents a particular dragon and the guidance and support it offers. I am using this deck for a simple 4-card reading to discover which of the dragons in this deck can be most helpful to me right now in four key areas of life: Air (thought/communication), Earth (health, wealth), Water (intuition, emotion), and Fire (passion, creativity, career).

The layout looks like this:

(1) Air [thought/communications]: 

AIR AND WATER DRAGON – Helps you to connect to higher frequencies.

Assisting me with the area of thought and communication is a fourth-dimensional blue and green air and water dragon. Fourth-dimensional dragons in this deck are said to “love humans and nature and help every aspect of the natural world.” They offer us assistance in moving between the dimensions, preparing us energetically for the higher frequency energies to come.

The Air and Water dragon is able to help me use my intuition as well as my spiritual knowledge and wisdom to see everything “from an illumined perspective.” Concerning communication, these dragons are said to attune me so that my voice expresses the true notes of my soul.

(2) Earth [health & wealth]:

GREEN DRAGON – Helps you tune in to the secrets of nature.

With the Green Dragon I move up into the fifth dimension. These dragons “touch our psychic centres and help us to tune in to the sacred geometry in the trunks of trees, the petals of flowers, the shells of snails and everywhere in Master Pan’s kingdom.” The Green Dragon is the perfect creature to support me in the area of health and wealth, emphasizing the importance of spending time in the “green world.”

(3) Water [intuition & emotion]:

BLUE DRAGON FROM THE PLEIADES – Prepares you to accept Source healing.

The Blue Dragon from the Pleiades is a seventh-dimensional dragon, one that works with the “luminous devas, the angelic beings who work with the blueprint of creation.” The Blue Dragon helps me “accept a heart activation,” which is a lovely thing to have in the area of intuition and emotion (Water). Heart healing is the gift this dragon brings to me. It can also assist me in directing Source healing to a person or situation.

(4) Fire [passion/creativity/career]:

SOURCE DRAGON – Attunes you to the Infinite.

The Source Dragon is one of just four ninth-dimensional dragons. These dragons work with ninth-dimensional devas, “the visionaries who manage the cosmos and ensure everything works together in harmony.” The Source Dragon helps me experience a period of “stillness with awareness.” If I can be digilent, calm, and focused in the area of passion, creativity, and career, I have an opportunity to welcome something very sacred into my life.

The concepts underlying the meaning of the Dragon Oracle Cards are fascinating and not entirely familiar to me. I am going to enjoy working more with this deck.

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