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Friday, April 1, 2016

Lenormand Horoscopes for April 2016

Hola! It’s time once again for my Lenormand horoscopes. I hope you will find them fun and perhaps even useful!

This time, I am using my French Cartomancy deck (Lo Scarabeo). I shuffled the deck and then drew cards 1-12 off the top. Here we go!

Aries: LETTER (27)
You won’t need a ticket for an airplane, or have time to take a fast train. You’ve got mail! The news is important. Pay close attention, especially if it contains a warning. Significant numbers: 27, 9

Taurus: DOG (18)
Buck up, bulls. You may feel like crying, but friends you can trust surround you. Don’t give in to self-pity or reclusiveness. Significant numbers: 18, 9

Gemini: BEAR (15)
A conflict causes problems for you this month, Twins. If the dispute becomes unBEARable, seek mediation or clear the field. Significant numbers: 15, 6

Cancer: BOUQUET (9)
This month it is important NOT to let uncertainty or fear control you. Think positively. Considerable improvement is already underway. Significant number: 9

Leo: BIRDS (12)
Lions may get a job offer or opportunity this month, which could be a good thing. However, be sure you carefully examine the details before giving your consent. Significant numbers: 12, 3

Virgo: CLOUDS (6)
It may seem like obstacles are unsurmountable this month, but they really aren’t. Don’t give up! This storm, too, shall pass, and setbacks or delays can be resolved. Significant number: 6

Libra: GARDEN (20)
Something new is getting started this month, Libra, and the results will be best if you are more enthusiastic than you usually are. Romantic encounters and secrets that need to be kept are also possible. Significant numbers: 20, 2

Scorpio: FISH (34)
Scorpions may need to take quick action this month, but be careful not to go to extremes or lose your head. Just don’t waste any time! Significant numbers: 34, 7

Sagittarius: SICKLE (10)
This month, it may be best to stop fighting the collapse or breakdown of something in your life. It may be painful, but it’s time to let it go so that a new stage of your life can begin. Significant numbers: 10, 1

Capricorn: ANCHOR (35)
For the second month in a row, Capricorns have an Anchor, representing stability and security. Once again Goats get a lot of support as you persevere towards a goal. Significant numbers: 35, 8

Aquarius: SNAKE (7)
Our slithery friend signals a possible betrayal for Water-Carriers this month, perhaps involving a dark-haired woman who seems kind and loving but isn’t. Significant number: 7

Pisces: CLOVER (2)
Good fortune is in the cards this month for Fishes – opportunities, success, perhaps even material gain. Make sure you don’t lose what you are given through laziness or negligence. Significant number: 2


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