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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Will she get the job?

I’m doing this Lenormand reading for a friend who is interested in a particular job for which she is highly qualified. There are always other factors involved in hiring, of course. Let’s see if the cards can give us an idea of how likely she is to get this job.

I am using the French Cartomancy deck (Lo Scarabeo). Cards from a red suit indicate a "yes"or “very likely” answer, whereas cards from a black suit indicate "no" or “not likely.”

5 ( 7 of HEARTS - Yes)
17 (Queen of HEARTS - Yes)
24 (Jack of HEARTS - Yes)

Very encouraging indeed!

The TREE is often about a trusted friend – in this case, perhaps a reference to several influential friends who are putting in a good word on my friend’s behalf. The STORK) speaks of patience, which my friend certainly has, as she has been job hunting for quite a long time now. Finally, we have the HEART, signifying family happiness and fulfilled wishes.

I like Sylvie Steinbach’s interpretation of the Tree + Stork = birth, recovery, healing; and Stork + Heart = good intentions, next step in a relationship.

Some very upbeat vibes coming from these cards, so it will be interesting to see what happens!

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