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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Lenormand Horoscopes for March 2016

As I mentioned before, I know I’m not alone in doing Lenormand “Horoscopes,” but I do hope these will be fun and perhaps even useful for you!

This time, I am using Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Reverie Lenormand (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)

I realize that the Lenormand cards are meant to be read in “sets” rather than single cards. However, I am going to proceed, just to see what comes of it. The “Significant Numbers” listed at the end of each Horoscope are based on the numbers on the cards. These could refer to dates within the month or something entirely different.

I shuffled the deck and then drew cards 1-12 off the top.

Aries: TOWER (19)
The Lenormand TOWER represents a structure that offers protection and security. The question you Aries Rams need to ask yourself this month is whether this protective, secure structure (organization, institution, government) is helping you or hindering you. It is possible that you are “hiding” in your “ivory tower,” avoiding something you really need to become involved in. On the other hand, you may actually need to retreat to a fortress -- physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually -- in order to fortify yourself. Significant numbers: 19, 10, 1.

Taurus: CLOUDS (6)
Taurus Bulls, you may be faced with a confusing situation this month, one that creates uncertainty in your life. You can’t quite see the whole picture clearly enough to make a decision. Your perception may be blocked. This will not last forever, but it might be prudent to wait until things clear up before you take action or make a final decision in a matter. Significant number: 6

Gemini: MAN (28)
The obvious clue here, Gemini, is that a male figure is likely to have an impact on your life during March. There is also a sense of waiting in this card, the need for patience or quiet endurance. The single red rose in the Man’s hand suggests a romantic element. Significant numbers: 28, 10, 1

Cancer: SUN (31)
This card augurs success, glory, and good luck for Cancerians this month. You may find yourself revitalized and energized in general or with regard to a specific situation or matter. Embrace newfound confidence and self-assurance, but be careful not to become cocky or arrogant. Significant numbers: 31, 4

Leo: FLOWERS (9)
Leo Lions, you can expect to receive positive energy that warms your heart and lets you know that you are appreciated. If you have been ailing or injured, the Flowers card predicts recovery and a sense of well-being. Significant number: 9

Virgo: KEY (33)
Dear Virgo, if something has been puzzling you or evading your understanding, March is the month for discovery, solutions, and answers. On the other hand, you may feel the need to secure something or “lock it away” for the time being, and the Key can help with this as well. Significant numbers: 33, 6

Libra: FOX (14)
March seems to be a month of possible deception or manipulation for Libra. Someone may be plotting to sneak up on you – or is it you who is planning trickery, disguised by that famous Libra charm? Either way, the game is afoot! Significant number: 14, 5

Scorpio: MOON (32)
Passionate Scorpios are well acquainted with the power of the Moon, which influences love, romance, intuition, psychic ability, imagination, and creativity. Your emotional need for recognition and appreciation may be especially keen this month. You hope to shine “by the light of the Moon.” Significant numbers: 32, 5

Sagittarius: CLOVER (2)
Luck and happiness are familiar to Sagittarians, ruled by Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion. This month you have a chance to turn difficulties to opportunities. Nice surprises are coming your way! Significant number: 2

Capricorn: ANCHOR (35)
Earth-steady Capricorns appreciate the value of an Anchor, representing stability and security. With this card, you sturdy, ambitious Goats get a lot of support as you persevere towards a goal. You know your hard work will pay off in the long term, so carry on! Significant numbers: 35, 8

Aquarius: LADY (29)
A feminine influence is felt in your life this month, Aquarians. The woman on this card seems to be deep in thought. She holds a rose, which could suggest a romantic element or, at the very least, a gift or token of someone’s esteem for you. Significant numbers: 29, 11, 2

Pisces: BOOK (26)
Pisces Fishes, your focus this month is likely to be on a special project, studies, or research you are doing. The goal is to uncover something you didn’t know about before. Use your imagination to discover the mystery within the “pages” of the Book of March. What is it you need to learn? Significant numbers: 26, 8


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