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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sherlock Holmes Card of the Day - 7 of Wands

The Sherlock Holmes Card of the Day is:


In The Sherlock Holmes Tarot by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan (Sterling Ethos), the suit of Evidence (represented by a shoe print) is comparable to the suit of Wands. The quotation chosen to represent the entire suit of Evidence is from The Copper Beeches: “Data! Data! Data! I can make no bricks without clay!”

On the Seven of Evidence, we see Watson heading down a dark alley with Toby, a hound who has served Holmes and Watson well on various occasions. Holmes once remarked to Watson that he would “rather have Toby’s help than that of the whole detective force of London.’ This is a reminder to us that sometimes we do need to accept help. Also, like Toby, we need to be tenacious and persistent, using all tools at our disposal to gather the ever-important “Data!”

Keys for this card, upright, are “courageous ability, success despite opposition, tenacity, persistence upheld by strong intuition, defence of strongly held beliefs.” Reversed, the card can suggest “embarrassment, victimization, loss, surplus, excess.”


  1. I like the depictions of these cards, although they do deviate a little from their more traditional brothers, nevertheless when you look at the image it does fit in with the idea of challenge, courage. I finding this series quite interesting to read. ^_^

    1. Yes, I agree, Helen. I am having fun reading about each card with the references to Holmesian lore!


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