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Monday, March 16, 2015

Listen to the Animals: Raven

For this Tarot Notes feature, I pull one card from an animal-themed deck to represent an important message from that animal.

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Today I am using the Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King, illustrated by Karen Branchflower (Blue Angel Publishing). To read more about my experiences with this deck, click HERE.

My card is RAVEN / Magick.

Yes, it’s that “Nevermore” dude that Edgar Allen Poe was so fond of. And I’m fond of Raven, too.

In this deck, Raven is considered to be a Water card. This is obviously not because ravens live in water. It’s more about the symbolic meaning of Water, which I understand to include emotion, imagination, sensitivity, spirituality, dreams, the subconscious, intuition, and inner experiences.

Scott Alexander King writes: “Magick is the ability to communicate our needs and to channel our purpose by sitting within the silence, ceasing the inner chatter and reconnecting with the Universe.” In his Guidebook to the Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards, King states that the Raven card encourages us to strengthen our line of communication with Spirit through prayer, at the same time strengthening our self-perception.


  1. Lovely definition of magick :) I never really thought much about ravens, but I like the idea of them as messengers of spirit...

  2. Hello, Chloƫ. Ravens (or crows here in North America) always seem to have a lot to say, if only we could interpret it! Thanks for stopping by.


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