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Friday, January 24, 2014

The Ring of Gollum Spread

I just got home from seeing the second Hobbit movie with my husband and felt inspired to do a reading with The Hobbit Tarot by Peter Pracownik and Terry Donaldson (U.S. Games, Inc.)

The Little White Book (LWB) that comes with the deck includes several spreads, including one called The Ring of Gollum Spread, which is basically a zodiac wheel spread where you draw a card related to each astrological house.

Let’s see what I can see!

1. Basic personality: QUEEN OF COINS / The Lady of Laketown / Earth / Sagittarius-Capricorn

A number of things resonate with me here. My Sun sign is Sagittarius. Also, Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) are prominent in my birth chart. I identify strongly with the practical, dependable, animal-loving nature of this Queen. The card asks me to explore my own sense of nurturing – of others and of myself. How can I put these characteristics to good use in my life?
2. Possessions: THE CHARIOT (VII) / Water / Cancer

Rather than a chariot with a single driver, this card depicts the Companions as they ride across open country on their way to the Lonely Mountain. They have a definite “one for all and all for one” vibe about them. In a way, they could represent the various aspects of my Self that need to work together to make progress. In addition to possessions, the Second House refers to values and resources. What I value determines the direction in which I go, driving me forward as I concentrate on my objectives.

3. Communication: QUEEN OF WANDS / Fire / Pisces-Aries

A woman of Laketown displays her wares to a passing customer. In the realm of communication I do have the ability/tendency to be enthusiastic, adventurous, and independent. My creativity is expressed through communication, and I am eager to share the fruits of my labors with others.

4. Domestic life: SEVEN OF CUPS / Water / Venus-Scorpio

Here we see Bilbo Baggins discovering the Arkenstone in the dragon Smaug’s lair. In the midst of overwhelming splendor and riches, he manages to find and focus on the most valuable item of all. I am reminded that in my domestic life, I need to focus and choose where to spend my time and energy.                                                                                                                                              

5. Love life: QUEEN OF CUPS / Water / Gemini-Cancer

How lovely! Among the qualities associated with this queen: unconditional love, empathy, and compassion. Anyone’s love life will be improved by letting go of resentments and being aware of emotional needs.

6. Work life: THE HIGH PRIESTESS (II) / Water / Moon

In my work life, this card encourages me to be guided by my intuition, secrets, and deep feelings kept hidden. It is important that I continually seek to get in touch with these deeper feelings and intuitive powers.

7. Partnerships: PAGE OF SWORDS / Air

Here we see Bilbo killing a great spider with a sword. Immediately after doing this, Bilbo puts on the Ring that makes him invisible. He tricks the spiders into leaving the area where they have ensnared his friends in their webs. He cuts his friends free. With respect to partnerships, I see the importance of forethought and planning. In the LWB, Terry Donaldson mentions “an ability or need to look beneath the surface” to explore and understand my partner’s motives as well as my own.

8. Changes: THE SUN (XIX) / Fire

The Eighth House could certainly be considered the house of “changes” but it is also known as the house of death, rebirth, and others’ resources. In any case, The Sun offers a sense of growth, harmony, and self worth. A positive omen all around!

9. Travel and learning: THE HIEROPHANT (V) / Earth / Taurus

Here Gandalf is shown communing with his higher self, accessing his powers and abilities. An owl gazes down upon him, signifying wisdom. I usually see this card as representing institutions, the status quo, or an accepted way of doing things. I may be in need of a guide who can show me the way to move forward in an acceptable manner, honoring tradition and the established way of doing things.

10. Achievements: SIX OF SWORDS / Air / Mercury-Aquarius

Here we see Bilbo escaping up a tree to get away from the Wargs (wolves). As in so many works of literature, wolves are depicted as bad guys in The Hobbit. They are in league with the Goblins, allowing them to ride on their backs into battle.  If we accept that somewhat unfair perspective on wolves, I see a need for me to move away from negativity, discord, or bad memories related to my achievements (or perhaps my ability to achieve in the future).

11. Social life: THE EMPRESS (III) / Earth / Venus

Unlike the traditional Empress card, this one does not feature a pregnant Earth Mother type character in a natural setting, surrounded by plants and animals. Instead, we have Bilbo, Gandalf, and their Companions who are joined together in a bond of spiritual and earthly love. My social life (which is virtually nonexistent!) comes across as harmonious, creative, and abundant. Perhaps I am being encouraged to “grow” or expand my social life a bit.

12. Inner life: EIGHT OF WANDS / Fire / Mercury-Sagittarius

Back to the Wargs! This time, we see a Warg and the Lord of the Eagles. In this part of the story, the eagle swoops in and carries Gandalf away. Other birds rescue all the Companions. Bilbo learns that Gandalf and the Lord of the Eagles are old friends, as Gandalf had once healed an arrow wound for the eagle. Sounds like my inner life is going to experience swift movement, hidden connections, opportunities, and doorways about to open.

Based on my feeling that Major Arcana cards confer an issue with particular significance, it looks like the following areas deserve extra attention: Possessions, Work Life, Changes, Travel and Learning, Social Life.

The elements are all fairly well represented: 4 Water cards, 3 Earth cards, 3 Fire cards, 2 Air cards.

Three of the four Queens are involved, along with The Empress, making sure plenty of feminine, receptive energy is present.

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