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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Native Glyph Reading

I was surprised and pleased recently to receive a special offer in my email from none other than _Jordan Hoggard_. I subscribe to one of his blogs, The Land of Mystereum. This qualified me to receive -- absolutely free -- my choice of a spread from Jordan's _78 Imagin-Action Spreads Collection_. (The entire collection is quite affordable. I may find that I cannot live without it.)

I requested a spread called the Native Glyph spread. True to his word, Jordan speedily transmitted the chosen spread to me by email. Now you get to see it in action here at Tarot Notes!

The Ancestral Path Tarot by Julie Cuccia-Watts (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.) jumped out at me as I scanned my shelves looking for a deck to participate in this introspective reading.

The purpose of the spread is to help the Seeker better understand his or her living history. The layout is shown above in the awesome image provided by Jordan.

(1) How does flair affect your enthusiasm?

On this card a Buddhist monk meditates in a peaceful garden. In the background, a ship sails into the rising sun. The monk faces away from the ship, eyes closed, his thoughts turned inward as he leaves the troubles and limitations of the physical, material world behind. This card is about a journey, about traveling toward or away from something, often a journey of the mind, although a physical voyage could be indicated.

I am being asked "How does flair affect your enthusiasm?" I would have to say that my enthusiasm for travel of any kind is influenced quite a lot by the "flair" (stylishness, originality, style, class) with which the journey is presented. It can be argued that flair is mere window dressing, superficial and unrelated to value. Even though I know that, I respond to it. As has been said, sometimes the journey is more important than the destination. My mind needs to be intrigued, tantalized, or impressed for my interest to be at its peak.

(2) How passionate are you about keeping your environment healthy?

This card suggests that I am VERY passionate about keeping my environment healthy. At a very personal and literal level, I have changed my behavior where the sun is concerned. After many years of sun bathing and tanning, I was diagnosed with melanoma and had to have malignant tissue removed. These days, I am passionate about using sunscreen if I have to be exposed to the sun. If possible, I avoid subjecting my skin to exposure.

As for my environment in general, I don't know if I would say I am passionate about keeping it healthy. I take reasonable precautions and remove hazards when I can. I drink filtered or bottled water. I live in an area with relatively low air pollution, surrounded by trees and plants. I recycle.

(3) How important is your posture to you?

Okay, I had to smile at the image on this card as it relates to the question. The Princess of Staves appears to balance a basket on her head (a well known technique for improving posture), and indeed, her posture is excellent. However, the word "posture" also means "a particular way of dealing with or considering something; an approach or attitude."

In more traditional Tarot decks this card is the Page of Wands. I am intrigued by Kate Warwick-Smith's description of this Page in her book The Tarot Court Cards (Destiny Books). As a Supporter, the Page of Wands can be described as a Child (youthful attitude, idealistic, wise). As a Detractor, this Page can be viewed as a Puer (one who refuses to grow up and accept responsibility). As a Resource, the keyword for this card is Play, and the Challenge is Immaturity.

How important is my posture to me? It is important to me that I manifest at least some of the childlike qualities suggested by this card, including an active imagination, being able to see the truth at the heart of things, a playful spirit, and a zest for life.

(4) How important are the feathers of accomplishment in your cap?

Here we have Morgana (aka Morgan le Faye), half-sister to King Arthur, and purported student of Merlin. This is one of my favorite cards in this deck. Morgana captures my imagination, and I love the way Julie Cuccia-Watts depicts her on the Princess of Cups.

To gain additional insight into how this card might relate to the question "How important are the feathers of accomplishment in your cap?" I turn again to Kate Warwick-Smith, who assigns the Page of Cups the roles of Idol (supporter) or Narcissist (detractor) and the qualities Harmony (resource) and Jealousy (challenge).

In light of all this, I must admit that the feathers of accomplishment in my cap are very important to me. I find that I "idolize" (admire) those who are far above me in their achievements, but feel jealous of those who have achieved "somewhat more" than I have in my various fields of endeavor.  Their level of success is within my reach, yet I have not achieved it -- so I am jealous, although actually it's more of a disappointment with myself for falling short.

I identify strongly with my accomplishments, and my feelings are hurt if those accomplishments do not receive sufficient acknowledgment or credit.

Thank you, Jordan! This has been a valuable introspective activity.


  1. What a wonderful treat, Zanna, to see the Spread Collection in action! I full-on dig the insights your reading bring! Thanks much for sharing.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jordan! It's such an intriguing spread!

  2. Interesting reading especially the last card.


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