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Friday, November 22, 2013

Listen to the Animals: Crane

For this Tarot Notes feature, I pull one card each week from a different animal-themed deck to represent an important message from that animal.

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This week my deck is Nature's Wisdom Oracle by Mindy Lighthipe (Schiffer).

Unrelated Animal Dream: In my latest animal dream, I am visiting some house or facility somewhere, surrounded by a lot of land, upon which roam two kangaroos and a cougar (mountain lion). They are allowed to run free. I sit on the grass out in the open. The kangaroos hop by, doing their own thing, not interested in me. The cougar, however, slowly approaches me, gazing at me with golden eyes. When it gets close enough, I carefully extend one hand and touch its tan fur. The coat is short and coarse. The cougar permits me to do this, but it turns and strolls away right afterward. I hear someone say that this cat never lets anyone touch it, so I feel very special.

Nature's Wisdom Oracle incorporates both plants and animals, so I separated out the animal cards and drew a card from those. My animal for this week is the CRANE.

Nature's Wisdom Oracle

The attribute associated with this card is Hope. Mindy Lighthipe offers this Special Meaning fot the card: "The crane comes to you in a time when you need to realize that your situation is not all doom and gloom. It represents a form of healing and hope during challenging times."

Well, I am personally feeling good about things at the moment -- no gloom and doom whatsoever. Disappointment or frustration at times, sure, but nothing more. In any case, healing and hope are always welcome!

In his book Dictionary of Symbols (Chronicle Books), Jack Tresidder tells us that the crane represents "vigilance, longevity, wisdom, fidelity, honour -- a symbolism particularly important in China and Japan." The crane pictured on the Nature's Wisdom Oracle card is a Grey Crowned Crane, native of Africa. I took a few pictures of one of these beautiful birds on a visit to the St. Louis Zoo.

photos copyright Zanna Starr

I like these photos because they show this bird's regal bearing and impressive appearance. Tresidder writes that in Africa the crane was linked with the gift of speech. Speaking through this lovely oracle deck, I feel the crane is perhaps turning my attention to the past, to periods of "gloom and doom" that are over but still prey on my mind, pushing up like stubborn weeds through cracks in concrete. Certainly healing is still needed there, and I can hope for a time when I no longer feel the pain of those times.


  1. I can do with some hope and healing. Just as you've said; sometimes issue's keep spiraling up.The only thing we can do is to be extra kind for ourselves. :)

  2. I love that image and I think it fitting that it's called Hope. We often say that babies are delivered by storks and Cranes look similar and what's more hopeful that new life eh.


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