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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Week at a Glance: The Sun Rx

The purpose of drawing a "Week at a Glance" card is to get a sense of the sort of energy, circumstances, or personal qualities I might need to be aware of during the upcoming week. I also use this opportunity to become more familiar with decks I don't work with a lot, so you will often see me quoting the creator of the deck or someone who has a closer relationship with the deck than I do at this time.

For the week of September 1, 2013 I am using Zolar's Astrological Tarot (U.S. Games Systems, Inc. under exclusive license from Zolar, Inc.)

My card is THE SUN (Key 19), reversed. Key phrases are printed on each card in this deck. For the reversed Sun, these are: "Broken engagement. Canceled contract. Loss of valuables."

Not exactly great news! Here's how I am going to interpret this: I need to be especially aware and alert this week to the possibility that something may not work out as I intended or hoped. The Sun is a Major Arcana card, so this could refer to a significant situation or relationship. The atmosphere surrounding me may contain contrary, difficult energies swirling about at one level or another -- clouds obscuring the face of the sun, if you will. I might be able to prevent or at least mentally prepare for the "break," "cancellation," or "loss" suggested by the card. In any case, I know that I can eventually overcome any challenges that arise this week.

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