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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

An Interview with The Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery

All it took was "just one look" for me to fall in love with Robert Place's newest creation: The Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery. Such a clever man, to post pictures of the cards on Facebook for me to see!

For information about the philosophy and history behind The Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery, I direct you to the Little White Book that accompanies the deck and/or to an _interview _with Robert Place posted on James Ricklef's Tarot Blog.

Here, I am sharing my interview with this deck using questions I developed a year or so ago.

(1) How would you describe your essence or essential energy?

CUPID (The Lovers)

According to Master Place, my creator, I am "the driving force that fuels (y)our journey." Will that force be sensuality or virtue? The choice is yours. My essence or essential energy is whatever you put into me.

(2) Which card do you feel reflects my essence or essential energy?

SATAN (The Devil)

You are being controlled by your shadow. You struggle to suppress or ignore it, but that only increases its power, leaving you feeling anxious, unworthy, and out of balance. This will continue until and unless you learn how to develop an ongoing, conscious relationship with your shadow, to integrate it. Accept your dual nature and learn to work with it.

(3) What story do you hope to tell me?


I tell you a story of falling cups and a bird who has been set free. It is a story of change, of falling apart and overcoming restriction, of loss and profit.

(4) What should I not expect from you?


Do not expect me to carry you through the stages of transformation, ascension, or liberation. I will accompany you, encourage you, and challenge you -- but you must be responsible for your own transportation.

(5) Which card most closely represents us as a team?


Together we can seek and discern the truth. We can also wound and injure, if we are not careful. We have the ability to judge and choose wisely, but we must always be aware that there are positive and negative possibilities in all situations.

Wow. The answer to the second question sure sobered me up (not that I was drunk or anything, but I might have been just a little light-hearted -- not anymore!) This deck clearly does not mince words. I can't argue with anything it said in this interview. Also, I have a feeling it would be unwise to argue...


  1. Wow, that was a very powerful interview/reading, Zanna! I'm not a huge fan of Robert Place's "flat" art style, and yet I have most of his decks, because the content (and the companion books) are just that good! I look forward to seeing more readings with these cards...

    1. Hi, Chloë! I know -- I'm still "smarting" from the very clear (and accurate) message of that Devil card! I'm going to be using this deck quite a lot, I think, unless I am overly concerned about delivering an unpleasant truth!

  2. This deck remind me very much of the Alchemical Renewed, the art style. Interesting reading you had with it.

    1. Hi Helen! I have considered getting the Alchemical in the past but resisted. Seeing this one just tipped me over the edge! LOL

  3. Love your blog! I've been doing a lot of research into tarot reading and your blog has really helped. Thank you Zanna!


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