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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

REVIEW: Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck


Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck
by Kim Dreyer
U.S. Games Systems, Inc.
ISBN    978-1-57281-724-1

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TOP LINE (formerly Bottom Line)

I love the spirit of this deck, with its dramatic images and compelling messages. Each scene creates an enchanting atmosphere or world that pulls me into its depths, making these cards perfect for meditation or an inspirational daily or weekly draw. I am looking forward to trying them with some of my favorite tarot spreads as well. The deck reflects universal themes and experiences yet also has a highly personal feel that is certain to give it broad appeal.


"This luminous 44-card deck is imbued with Kim Dreyer’s artistic vision and her passion for the natural and the supernatural elements we encounter on our soul paths. She has created Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck to help guide others to a deeper level of consciousness and a more harmonious life. The deck introduces chakras, angels, and spirit guides as it awakens the spirit and rekindles the connection between the cosmos and the earth. The guidebook contains insightful interpretations to help you discover the Divine Feminine wisdom each card carries."


Kim Dreyer is a fantasy artist and graphic designer who was born and raised in South Africa. She writes: "After spending over 16 years creating pottery and sculpture, I turned my creative talents to ‘wearable art’ with my crystal jewellery. Although I still create the occasional commissioned item of jewellery,  my greatest joy now is to create whimsical fantasy and fairy paintings and uplifting, visionary, spiritual art and angel paintings." Dreyer's personal journey to connect to her own unique spiritual self inspired the creation of Conscious Spirit.


In the words of deck creator Kim Dreyer: "The purpose of these cards is also to awaken you to the beautiful, unique human being that you are and to remind you that you have valuable gifts and lessons to share with all of humanity." She adds that these cards are not "quick-fix pills." Rather, it is our own input and work that determines whether they help us or not. The cards are meant to be "a conduit between your higher guides and yourself; the cosmos and the earth, a tool through which spirit, angels, and guides can touch your heart."

The set begins with card 1, Spirit Awakens - "I embrace my soul purpose and align all aspects of my life to it fully" and ends with card 44, Integration - "I combine body, mind, and soul to lift all of humanity into a new dimension."

The cards can be grouped as follows:
  • Chakras (5-Root, 10-Sacral, 13-Solar Plexus, 17-Heart, 20-Throat, 24-Third Eye, 26-Crown)
  • Elementals (6-Earth, 14-Fire, 18-Air, 11-Water)
  • Archangels (9-Raphael, 16-Michael, 22-Gabriel)
  • Triple Goddess (19-A Nurturing Heart-Mother, 38-Forest Frolic-Maiden, 39-Flames of Wisdom-Crone)
  • Other Characters (8-The Healer, 25-Spirit Guides, 33-Sun Goddess, 34-Earth Angel, 35-Nature Spirits, 41-Moon Goddess)
  • Concepts/Messages: (1-Spirit Awareness, 2-Meditation, 3-Transformation, 4-Gratitude, 7-Sacred Space, 12-Reach Out, 15-Find Your Bliss, 21-Your Own Path, 23-The Present, 27-Spark of Divine, 28-Release, 29-Balance, 30-Reach for Your Dreams, 31-Embrace Change, 32-Movement Meditation, 36-Abundance, 37-Crystal Ascension, 40-At Day's End-Rest, 42-Wheel of Life, 43-Celebrate Life, 44-Integration


The Conscious Spirit Oracle consists of 44 cards measuring 3.5” x 5.25” and a 44-page companion booklet. Dreyer tells us that the interpretations offered in the booklet can help guide us, but we should also trust our intuition when further messages come through. There are no images in the booklet.

The flip-top box features card 24, Third Eye Chakra, on the front and card 18, Air Elemental, on the back.

Cards are standard weight tarot card stock with what I would describe as a semi-glossy finish.

Card faces have a narrow tan border. Symbols for the four elements appear in the four corners. Each card has a number and title centered at the top and an affirmation statement at the bottom. For example, the affirmation on card 12, Reach Out, is: "I reach out my hand and my heart to connect to and unite all of humanity." The titles and affirmations are in black type against colors that compliment, match, or accent the images.

The non-reversible card backs incorporate the Seven Chakras, Phases of the Moon, Sacred Geometry, The Tree of Life and Angel Wings. Colored ribbons lead from each chakra symbol to imagery that represents the area of life associated with that chakra.


Dreyer's art clearly expresses her "passionate interest in the supernatural, fantasy, and esoteric world as well as a deep love of nature." Colors are vibrant and varied, ranging from cool to warm in shades of purple, blue, green, red, orange, yellow, and brown. The images, which have a distinctly fantasy feel, are alive with movement and mood. Animals play an important role in many of the images. For example, a zebra is depicted in 29-Balance, a deer in 4-Gratitude, cats in 40-At Day's End-Rest, a bear in 8-The Healer, and a wolf in 19-A Nurturing Heart-Mother. Each chakra is personified in a beautiful woman and the card is painted in the color associated with that chakra.

In accordance with the FTC Guidelines for blogging and endorsements, I hereby disclose that this product was provided by the publisher for free. Other than the occasional review copy, I receive no monetary or in-kind compensation for my reviews.  The substance of my reviews is not influenced by whether I do or do not receive a review copy.


  1. Hi Zanna
    US Games directed me to your blog. Thanks so very much for the review.

    1. You are most welcome, Kim. Thank you for creating such a marvelous deck!


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