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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lenormand Houses and Mystic Lenormand Reading

I recently acquired Tierney Sadler's _Deck of Lenormand Houses_ and the _Mystical Lenormand_ deck by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter, painted by Urban Trosh (AGMüller / U.S. Games Systems Inc.) Since I am fairly new at working with the Lenormand, I am doing a simple 3-card line.

I am placing Tierney's Significator card in the center, and the card I draw for that position will be the topic of the reading. For the other two positions I am pulling random cards from Tierney's deck and random cards from the Lenormand to go in those positions.

Let's look at the Significator first. The card drawn into this position is Coffin (8). The topic of this reading is the "death" of something that needs to end so that something new can come into existence. This is about an important life alteration, a completion of a life cycle, or transformation. I can think of two situations right now in my life that meet these criteria -- one involving an aging parent and the other involving the dissolution of my daughter's marriage.

To the left we have Mice (23) from the Lenormand Houses. Therefore we can expect that the card drawn into that position will have some relationship to "damage, loss, anxiety and fears. . . theft, decay, nuisances and missing objects." Ring (25) from the Mystical Lenormand signifies a relationship or partnership, or perhaps an agreement or contract. In this position (Mice), we seem to have potential damage or loss related to a relationship/partnership or agreement.

When we look at Ring combined with Coffin, we see reinforcement of the notion that a relationship/partnership or agreement is being ended, voided, or dissolved. This seems to point to the dissolution of marriage that I referred to above.

To the right of the Significator we have Tree (5) from the Lenormand Houses. The card drawn into this position relates to "growth, wellbeing, health and spiritual health." We may be looking at "long-term issues like ancestry and soul incarnations."  Owls (12) from the Mystical Lenormand signifies instability or nervousness, telephone calls, and possibly "two elderly women."

Together, Tree and Owls suggest soulmates or some sort of spiritual relationship. Owls make their home in trees. There is a clear, beneficial connection. I see this as a reference to my daughter's relationship with her husband. Even though they have agreed to separate, they also believe that they each have had an important purpose in the other's life. There is probably a soulmate or past life connection between them, even though the marriage may not survive in this life.

When we look at Coffin and Owls as a pair, we get a sense of depressing news, perhaps death. Even though there is a soulmate or past life connection between two people, the relationship may not succeed in this life.

To me, this reading reflects my concern and sympathy for my daughter (and her husband) during this difficult time. The cards contain a lot of death, destruction, and distress -- yet we do not get any indication of the bitterness or anger that often accompanies the end of a relationship. Instead, the two people acknowledge the value of the connection that brought them together, but also acknowledge that it is time to move in different directions.

I am impressed with the relevance and insight provided in these cards. I will certainly be doing more readings like this!


  1. I read it as the end of a relationship that also ends any bad chatter detrimental to their health.

  2. Interesting reading Zanna and I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's situation, but these cards do indicate don't they that although this separation may indeed cause hurt it is the only way forward to a new beginning.

    I never knew that Tierney had brought out another deck - she has been productive!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Helen! Yes, as Tierney says, she doesn't promote the Lenormand deck much at all. When I saw it, I thought "What a perfect way to continue my interaction with Lenormand!"

  3. I have this same deck and the images don't match the description in the pictures

    1. Hello Jerry! I don't understand what you mean. Which deck? Which images? Which descriptions?


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