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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Helen's Easter Egg Spread

I am delighted to share a little spread for Easter created by Helen Howell. She even painted a lovely watercolor egg to accompany the spread, followed by her reading with the _Joie de Vivre_ tarot by Paulina Cassidy (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)

Easter Egg Spread
by Helen Howell
copyright Helen Howell

Easter is a time of renewal, a time for new beginnings. So I thought I would share this little three card spread that tackles what new beginning you should introduce into your life.

The layout is a simple horizontal three cards in a line.

1: Undo the Bow: This is the potential that exists for me.

2: Peel off the wrapping: The new beginning that I hope for.

3: Break into the chocolate: The first step I must take to manifest this goal.

I'll take this spread for a run for you and as Easter is a joyful time, what better deck than the Joie de Vivre!

Ah it seems from the cards I have draw that the Joie de Vivre wants me to have a new emotional beginning:

1: Undo the Bow:  This is the potential that exists for me.
Queen of Cups reversed

The potential that exists for me is to release those thoughts that still creep into my emotions and feelings and hurt me. The potential here is to not allow these things to interfere with my emotional well being, but to take a hard look at them and free them and myself from their influence.

In this position the soft yellow sky with its tendrils of grey is foremost in the image and this tells me that I can really take the opportunity here to balance out those opposing forces  thoughts/feelings (grey is made from black and white) and bring them together so that they work for me not against me. The yellow indicates mental activity.

Queen of Cups is a number 13 which breaks down to 4 and is the number of stability, structure and foundation - coupled with this card in this position it indicates the potential is to create a structure from which a better foundation can be formed and in turn will provide stability.

2: Peel off the wrapping - The new beginning that I hope for.
The Hanged Man

The new beginning appears to be a new perspective that standing back and reflecting on various situations will give me.   I hope my new beginning will give me the quiet balance I need. That in surrendering those thoughts and feelings that hurt me, I will gain something far better. A peace of mind and an ability to find a new way of dealing with them.

The Joie de Vivre's HM is surrounded in purple but those swirls of grey are still there. This indicates to me the wisdom, and self knowledge that can be gained from balancing out those things that tend to tear one apart or make one feel less than others.

The HM is number 12 and this breaks down to 3. It's a number associated with bringing things together, perfect example would be mind, body and spirit.  When we see three we see creative energy working to combine various elements together.  In relation to my HM in this position it tells me that taking a step back and reviewing how I look at things will help me balance out those various elements so that they work together.

3: Break into the chocolate - The first step I must take to manifest this goal
The Devil

The Joie de Vivre has been very clear in what it wants me to do - take responsibility for my own thoughts. I can be in control and I do not have to let them overtake me if I don't want them to. It's telling me that I have the freedom to choose how I will or will not think about those things. As the image shows— I don't have to let those thoughts pull my strings!

From the image grey plays a predominate role in the colour scheme again, thus confirming it is the balancing out of opposites that is the key. In the upper background there is green and yellow again indicating positive mental attitude (yellow) with the potential to expand, adapt and grow (green).

The Devil is a number 6  card, a number which often in tarot represents harmony or respite, and appears to be a number that can signify realisation, communication and balance.

In relation to The Devil and its position in this spread it does indicate realisation and balance. It shows that when we realise how things really are and how or how not they can affect us, then we can move onwards and upwards. 6 in the tarot sequence can often represent that time when we stop and see the good things around us and learn to appreciate them.

Well the Joie de Vivre this Easter along with the Easter Egg Spread has delivered the message to me that its time to not allow my negative thoughts to control me or influence me and what I attempt to achieve any longer. But rather take another look and see it all from a difference perspective.

I hope you have a Happy and Safe Easter!  


  1. That's a neat little spread. Thank you for creating it, Helen, and thank you for sharing it, Zanna! :)

  2. Thanks Chester, I hope you enjoy using it. ^_^ Happy Easter!

  3. Wow, Helen! Thanks for sharing this. My knowledge bank on Tarot reading is about the size of a gnat so this was really interesting to me. I love that there's so much positive energy coming from this on a day that sybolizes rebirth and renewal. THANK YOU!

  4. Thanks Beverly I'm glad you liked it. Happy Easter to you!


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