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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reading for Violet

In this post I am sharing a reading that Violet, one of my blog readers, did for herself. She used a 7-card spread that I shared on this blog: the Sleeping Beauty Relationship Spread designed by ArwenNightstar. My version substitutes the word "love" for the word "romance" in the original spread. I also changed the last positional definition to "Best Possible Outcome" instead of "Final Outcome." The layout looks like this: 


Violet used The Mary-El Tarot* for her reading (to read my review of this deck, click HERE).

Violet asked for my interpretations of her cards, and I asked her to give me her initial impressions of them first. Below you will see the positional definition, the card Violet drew into that position, Violet's first impressions, and my interpretation.

Please know that I have no intention of disputing Violet's impressions or interpretations of the cards. My purpose is to offer options, possibilities, and perspectives for her to consider. It is my hope that blog readers will also gain something from this reading.

Thank you, Violet, for permitting me to share this reading! I hope my comments are useful to you.

1] Why are you asleep to a new relationship?

King of Swords - Rx

Violet: faith in a false king. not what he seemed.

Zanna: With the King of Swords drawn reversed, I think we are looking at the upright energy of this card being blocked or delayed, causing you to be asleep to a new relationship. The King of Swords is a master thinker and communicator. His sword is especially sharp, designed to cut through illusions and separate the wheat from the chaff. He controls his own thoughts and uses them to create the reality he wants. So these are the powers or qualities that are blocked or delayed in your case. Instead of demonstrating clear intent, sharp focus, and self-confidence, you may be allowing fears and doubts to dictate your behavior and thoughts. These fears and doubts are keeping you from waking up to a new relationship.

2] What is keeping you asleep to potential love?

The Tower - Rx

Violet: i have truly been shaken to my foundation in love- romantic love at least. but i deny that it perhaps my own doing and un-doing which electrified my tower... i also think that mr. thought i was perhaps a damsel, which i am not. do i project damsel?

Zanna: The energy of The Tower is that of liberation, destruction of illusions, and freedom from unnecessary or deceptive views, perceptions, and ways of life. The card was drawn reversed, suggesting that currently this energy is blocked or delayed in your life. Even though you feel your foundation has been shaken and you have gone through what feels like a "Tower" experience, there is more that needs to be questioned, that needs to be changed, that needs to be cast aside. The real benefits of The Tower experience have not yet made themselves apparent to you, which is why you are asleep to potential love. There is a sense that you need to completely emerge from the "wreckage" of beliefs or assumptions that have collapsed or are still crumbling.

3] What do you need to know about your dreams of love?

The Fool - Rx

Violet: am i delusional and jump in too eagerly? or do i hold on to false foolishness when my wisdom is needed? patience is called for.

Zanna: The Fool is a free spirit who leaps before he looks, who sets out on a journey into the unknown without hesitation or fear. The card was drawn reversed, suggesting that although your dreams of love may be free spirited, daring, and fearless -- that energy is blocked or delayed at the moment due to worry, regret, or fear. You hesitate to take that first step toward your dreams because it feels like you are stepping off a cliff into the air. There is always a bit of faith involved when we seek to fulfill our dreams. Dreams themselves are of the air, difficult to depend on, difficult to interpret at times. The journey may seem like folly at first, but if nothing is ventured, nothing is gained.

4] What or who will awaken you to love?

Knight of Cups

Violet: hope. feels like a pisces male. on point but on the same page as i am. easy flowing communication- perhaps platonic.

Zanna: What a great card to draw here! Court Cards can represent actual people in the Seeker's life, a quality the Seeker possesses (or needs to possess), or the energy surrounding a situation. I think it is very possible that the Knight of Cups in this position refers to a person who can awaken you to love and help you find your heart's desire. The Golden Dawn associates this card with the segment of the heavens from above 20 degrees Aquarius to 20 degrees Pisces.

5] What is needed from you for love to work?

King of Wands - Rx

Violet: stop fighting for what i know is and will be- love arrives in its own time- if i let go... it will come.

Zanna: Like the King of Swords, the King of Wands is a master. He controls his own energy, life force, passion, and spirituality.  The card is reversed, which to me suggests the need to relinquish control in some way so that love can work. If we are trying too hard to be in control, we are not open to receiving love. Our efforts to remain in control act as a barrier. I don't believe that you need to be "out of control" in order for love to work. But there seems to be a need for letting go just enough.

6] What do you need for love to work?

8 of Wands

Violet: support and honesty. let go of jealousy and envy of the love- i think- others' possess.

Zanna: In this deck, the 8 of Wands is about knowing yourself and creating your reality. Surround yourself with art, music, poetry, colors, and patterns that nourish and support you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This will help you be responsive to deep inner knowledge. You may realize something you did not know or remember something you had forgotten about yourself.

7] What is the best possible outcome (if obstacles are overcome and opportunities are taken advantage of)?

3 of Cups - Rx

Violet: perhaps i celebrated love too soon... OR i need to celebrate love i do not know yet!

Zanna: It is always interesting to see a reversed card in the "best possible outcome" position. We tend to think of reversals as "negative" -- yet they do not have to be. When we look at the 3 of Cups upside down, the three waterfalls flow uphill to their source. Our normal tendency might be to resist this as "wrong" or "unnatural." But it seems to me that in this case, you are being encouraged to reach upward (or inward) and connect with your "source." The best possible outcome is that you will go back to the beginning, to the place from which your feelings about love originated.  You can reverse your direction temporarily and receive the emotional nourishment you need. Then your emotions will be free to flow downward or outward again, toward your world and the people in it.

* The Mary-El Tarot by Marie White
Schiffer Publishing
Copyright 2012 Marie White


  1. Interesting reading Zanna and Violet! I would make some suggestions, but Zanna has done such a good job! that you don't need my two penith worth. ^_^

    1. Hi Helen! Your input is always welcome! Come on -- give over! :D

  2. this post makes me look longingly at the mary-el again, ha. one day...
    anyway, loved reading the different viewpoints on the cards that each of you had, the more personal and the more detached :]

  3. I love this- Thanks Zanna! After giving it some time and space since the reading initially took place, I have had time to really let this info sink in. And not co-incedentally, a dear [love psychic] friend of mine brought up some interesting points which also correlate to my spread here. She mentioned soul vows we bring with us from past lives, and I know whole-heartedly that the lover I had who I am re-grieving is one from a past life. She suggested some soul-healing and clearing before any new loves [i.e.: new/old loves] can come in. That struck another chord in me. My full Pisces Moon lets me feel everything, past, present and I think- future. NO wonder this spread reads like it does!!!

    1. You are most welcome, Violet. There is a lot to digest here. I certainly agree with your friend that past-life relationships can have a major impact on us in this life. Soul-healing and clearing makes a lot of sense.


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