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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Thanksgiving 2020

This week, for (American) Thanksgiving, I am asking my readers to choose one of the three cards – A, B, or C – shown below. I am using the Oracle of Visions by Ciro Marchetti (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)

After you have chosen, scroll down and read the interpretation of the card. This is the message meant for you this Thanksgiving season. Do with it what you will.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~*

(A) Card 43: Obsession, Delusion, Self-Interest

This Thanksgiving, it may be useful for you to take a moment to look into a mirror and see your true reflection, as others would see you. Look beyond and through the physical, superficial appearance and into your eyes. Is there any chance that you are obsessed with something that isn’t healthy for you, deluded into believing something that isn’t true, or shackled by self-interest, unable to focus on anything or anyone that doesn’t benefit you, personally?

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~*

(B) Card 6: Tranquility, At Peace

This Thanksgiving you may celebrate the fact that a trial or difficult period you have been experiencing is over. This could refer to worries over financial or health issues, troubled relationships, or concern for people close to you. At this time, you have a chance to take a breath, recuperate, and regain your strength. That will allow you to decide if you must accept a situation regardless of the discomfort it causes or if you can bid farewell to something or someone that tested or weakened you spiritually or physically.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~*

(C) Card 18: Nurturing, Taking Care of Others

C is the card I chose for myself. The image shows a mother embracing her child, and it can literally represent that. However, it may also refer to a teacher guiding a student or a master training an apprentice. In some capacity, we are currently or may soon need to protect or provide direction to someone under our care. In my case, I feel this in a number of ways. I am at least partly responsible for the care and wellbeing of my own mother. At age 98, she lives in an assisted living facility, where she has ready access to much of the care she needs. But there is more to life than having one’s basic needs met. I see my phone calls and visits as part of her “care plan,” especially at an emotional level. In addition, I am mother to two children – one of whom just lost his job, and the other whose husband just lost his job. My protective instincts are naturally activated as I consider what I can do to help them during this difficult time.



  1. I chose B and it was very fitting for my situation. ^_^

    1. I'm so glad you found the card fitting, Helen. From what I know, I can see that it would be. Here's to recuperation and regaining strength!


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