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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Easy as G H I ...

In this Tarot Notes series, I will be pulling a card for each letter of the alphabet. Each card will be from a different deck. To add to the cleverness, of course, the name of the deck will begin with the letter being used, if at all possible. (Deck attributions are provided at the end of this post.)

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Image background by Daniel Albany from Pixabay

G is for GATEWAY. 

In The Gilded Tarot, the Two of Wands shows a traveler facing a fork in the road. He is at a crossroads, and needs to make a choice or decision, even though it may not be clear to him which choice is the “correct” one. No matter which path he chooses, he is going to go through a (figurative) gateway beyond which lies the unknown.

H is for Heart. 

The suit of Cups is usually linked with the suit of Hearts, and both typically represent relationships, emotions, and the subconscious. The Two of Cups often indicates a heart-to-heart connection based on chemistry, magnetism, or recognition of “like meeting like.” This heartfelt connection can be romantic in nature but could also apply to a connection between a person and a group, idea, or project. With the number Two, we can be looking at opposites that are attracted to each other because each offers something the other lacks and needs or wants.

I is for IDENTITY. 

I don’t have a deck whose name begins with I, so I did an internet search and found Ibis Tarot. You can see the cards from this deck HERE. I then went to one of hundreds of sites on line where you can randomly click and choose a Tarot card. The card that turned up was THE SUN. In astrology, the Sun represents our Self – hence my choice of the word “Identity.” The Sun card in Tarot is also often seen to be a representation of our personality and character. We are encouraged to be our authentic, shining Self.

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G: The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti (Llewellyn Publications)
H: Tarot of the Hidden Realm by Julia Jeffrey (Llewellyn Publications)
I: Ibis Tarot by Josef Machynka (U.S. Games Systems Inc.) Based on the designs published in the book Practical Astrology by Comte C. de Saint-Germain.

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