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Friday, January 25, 2019

Reincarnation Reading

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, I am willing to bet that you at least find the concept interesting, even fascinating. I think the perfect deck to use in an exploration of this theme is the Tarot of Reincarnation, designed by Massimiliano Filadoro (Lo Scarabeo).

Let’s get personal. I am going to ask this wonderful deck three important questions about myself: What was I in a past life? What am I now? What might I be in a future life?

Ready? Here we go!

What was I in a past life?

HAWK / Knave of Spades (Swords)

I was, perhaps, an actual hawk (very cool) or perhaps a human being who was able to identify his objectives, made quick decisions, and swiftly pursue those objectives. I may have been somewhat lacking in compassion, but I was also protective and may have had the role of guardian or messenger.

In The Animal-Wise Tarot by Ted Andrews (Dragonhawk Publishing), the Hawk plays the role of the Knight of Winged Ones (Swords). He notes that hawks “spend three-fourths of their day perched somewhere observing the area around them, searching to detect the subtlest of movements, patiently waiting until the best moment to strike.”

What am I now? 

BEETLE / Two of Clubs (Wands)

I love the description of the card from the Little White Book (LWB): “External provocations that can push us to exaggerated reactions as well as reawaken hidden potential.” Which could mean that I act as an “external provocation” that pushes people “to exaggerated reactions” (oh yes, I can see that) or I am the sort of person who is pushed to exaggerated reactions by external provocations (yes, I can see that, too).

Ted Andrews chose the Beetle for his Seven of Shapeshifters (Cups) card. Andrews notes that the Beetle exhibits the energy of being on the right track, pursuing our goals, making decisions. The front wings on a beetle have thickened into hard covers that protect its underside – so we can also see this insect as an indication of being protected or shielded.

What might I be in a future life? 

DOG / Seven of Diamonds (Pentacles)

When I look at the illustration on this card, I do not see a dog. I see a fox or possibly a coyote. All three are canids, to be sure, but the symbolism is very different for each of them. The LWB states that this is a Dog, however, indicating that I might be either a dog in a future life or a person who exhibits the qualities of a dog: “blind faith in a person or idea, aggressiveness caused by stress” along with, I might add, loyalty, devotion, and companionship. I could be some man’s “best friend.”

As a child, I used to enjoy pretending to be a dog, crawling around the house, barking and panting. When auditions were held for The Wizard of Oz at the Junior Theater Guild, I wanted very much to play Toto. Instead, I was cast as the Wicked Witch of the West – a much meatier role, to be sure, and great fun for me. My point is that although I prefer to live with cats, I am very much drawn to dogs in all shapes and sizes. There is certainly a connection or “spark” that I feel around them. Precognition, perhaps? One never knows.


  1. Hmm interesting reading. I wonder how a more ordinary deck would handle those questions?


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