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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Kipper Reading for the Week Ahead

For today’s post I am going to revisit a spread I used back in 2015. Commonly used with Lenormand decks, it’s called 3+1.

The far left card gives background, the center card reveals the current situation, and the far right card is the probable future/outcome. The 4th card drawn is the Clarification card.

Instead of a Lenormand deck, I am using the Fin de Siecle Kipper Fortune Telling Deck by Ciro Marchetti (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)

My question: What area(s) do I need to be especially mindful of this coming week?

(1) BACKGROUND: Imprisonment / 29
Clearly, this card suggests feelings of being trapped, lonely, and isolated. Limitations, restrictions, and barriers can all be part of the scenario.

(2) CURRENT SITUATION: Concern / 33
Anxiety and fear, pessimism, or lost hope all come to mind when looking at this card. There is a sense of being stymied, unable to focus or determine what to do.

(3) OUTCOME: Change / 9
With Imprisonment and Concern as the other two cards, I can certainly see the need for Change! The message seems to be “Get out, and get out now.”

(4) CLARIFICATION: Occupation / 34
As the Clarification card, Occupation suggests to me that this may be the area of life referenced by the preceding three cards. I am self-employed, so if I am feeling trapped or filled with anxiety, needing a change, it’s probably my own fault – and only I can fix the problem.

This does give me food for thought. Certainly, at various times in my life, I have felt trapped or "imprisoned" in my occupation/job but it's been a long time since I felt that way. I honestly don’t think I am feeling worried about any of several “occupations” I currently work at. I have chosen to do them and I enjoy all of them. These cards tell me that it would be worth my time to consider how some aspect or aspects of these occupations could be limiting or worrying, and perhaps try to find out a way to change that.

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