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Monday, October 29, 2018

A Poetic Reading for All Hallows Eve

I decided to write some rhyming lines that, for me, evoke the spirit of Halloween:

Something that stands on the threshold
Something that waits within
Something I need to banish
Something I need to let in
Something I need not fear
Something I need to begin

I am pulling a card for each line/position. The layout looks like this:


I am using Black Cats Tarot by Maria Kurara (Lo Scarabeo).

(1) Something that stands on the threshold 


The energy I typically pick up from this Queen is that of mental clarity, decisiveness, and intellect balanced with emotions. Her less desirable traits might include being critical (including self-critical) and harshly judgmental. If this Queen is “standing on the threshold,” she wants me to pay attention to those characteristics and ways in which I might be influenced by them (or people who exhibit them).

(2) Something that waits within


To say that this Queen “waits within” suggests that I already embody her characteristics, which include a desire to nurture (including self-nurture), generosity, and a down-to-earth, resourceful nature. Less desirable characteristics might include a tendency to be overly focused on the material world, overly concerned about my health, or insensitive and stubborn. These traits wait for me to enlist them as I choose.

(3) Something I need to banish


I need to banish any effort to use cruelty or force to “tame” or control the “lion” – the instinctual aspects of my nature, the passion or “life-force” that some might feel the need to repress or suppress in order to appear “civilized.” Instead, I need to seek balance and integration between instinct-passion and intellect, and to do so with quiet courage and inner fortitude.

(4) Something I need to let in


I need to “let in” a completely different perspective or way of looking at things, to give myself time to pause and reflect, to be still and wait and watch. I need to “let in” the spirit that encourages me to question and challenge preconceived ideas or beliefs and perceptions foisted upon me by others. I need to “let in and let go.”

(5) Something I need not fear


In the Black Cats Tarot, this card does not depict the typical character with ten swords sticking out of his back. Instead, we see a cat considering whether to go through a door. He is on the brink of attaining what he has always desired, but is overwhelmed by fear. I need not fear taking the next step, moving forward through the door to embrace whatever awaits. From outside, it appears that the door opens on a stone-brick wall barricaded with swords – but that image is the product of fear. In order to find out what is actually on the other side of the door, I must go through.

(6) Something I need to begin


I need to begin a battle or fight – probably within myself – between conflicting ideas, thoughts, or perspectives. For too long, perhaps, I have been complacent, allowing the “strongest” of the competitors to be in charge without challenge. It is time to push back.


  1. Hi Zanna, interesting reading. I did have an alternative thought about your last card Five of Swords - something you need to begin, and thought perhaps it could also be suggestion that one needs to start to acknowledge their limitations and try to stay within those guidelines...... Just a thought.

    1. That's an interesting interpretation of the 5 of Swords, Helen. I have not ever thought of it that way. Thanks!

  2. It is often a card that signifies that one can have difficultly in translating their ideas into a reality. If often also indicates that one has to face up to their position in a situation more realistically rather than battling their way through. ^_^

  3. Interesting! I will try to keep that in mind.


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