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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Past Life, Present Influence with The Celtic Dragon Tarot

A student in one of my classes at _The Magickal Circle School_ recently mentioned The Celtic Dragon Tarot by D.J. Conway and Lisa Hunt (Llewellyn Publications), and that made me realize that’s it has been a long time since I did a reading with that deck. It was one of the first Tarot decks I acquired long, long ago, and I’ve always loved it.

Today, I’m going to use a spread provided in the guidebook that came with this deck. This 9-card spread is called “Past Life, Present Influence,” and its purpose is to explore how traits or conditions from a past life or lives may have affected my present life at physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional levels.

The layout looks like this:

I did not ask a specific question for this reading. Instead, I am looking more at my overall state in general, past and present.

(1) Present face the inquirer shows to the world: FIVE OF WANDS

The “face” I show to the world is that of a person who is experiencing obstacles or opposition from within or without, someone who is struggling to get past obstacles or opposition to a place where I no longer compete with others, no longer feel the need to defend myself, and no longer resent someone else’s success.

(2) Past physical state affecting the question: KING OF WANDS

In a past life or lives, it appears that I was physically quite strong and powerful. I may have actually been a king or, at the very least, someone who could take command of situations and forge ahead with vigor.

(3) Present physical state: THE SUN

This card also suggests power and strength, but in a little bit different way from the King of Wands. My present physical state is such that I am able to enjoy life, feeling free to experience positive happenings. At my age, I do have my share of physical problems, but The Sun card indicates that I am far from “weak” or vulnerable physically.

(4) Past mental state affecting the question: FOUR OF PENTACLES

In a past life or lives, my mental state apparently consisted of a focus on material or financial matters and security. I was very “money oriented” or oriented towards the material world. This sort of mental state is quite limiting and confining, not helpful to stretching or expanding the mind.

(5) Present mental state: THE STAR

In this life, my mental state is oriented towards the spiritual aspects of life, towards things that cannot be grasped in the hand or hoarded like money. I am therefore more likely to be aware of opportunities and possibilities, the effects of unseen energy and universal power.

(6) Past spiritual state affecting the question: QUEEN OF CUPS

In a past life or lives, my spiritual state was psychic in nature, highly sensitive and in touch with my subconscious and linked closely with intuition.

(7) Present spiritual state: THE MOON

With some of the same energy at the Queen of Cups, the Moon represents spirituality in tune with dreams, intuition, and psychic experiences. However, there is also the chance of creating or believing in illusions or deceit. My dreams may have no foundation in reality; my imagination may be running wild.

(8) Past emotional state affecting the question: THE TOWER

In a past life or lives, my emotional state was apparently chaotic, discordant, and even destructive. I went through a process of breakdown and rebuilding due to a shocking event or catastrophe.

(9) Present emotional state: TEN OF PENTACLES

In this life, my emotional state is much more stable and secure – almost the opposite end of the spectrum from The Tower. The suit of Pentacles does represent the physical, material world, but can also refer to values in general and resources such as time and talents. I am at the peak of emotional health, confident, stable, and happy.

Let’s look at these cards in two sets: past life (lives) and present. Three of the cards (King of Wands, Four of Pentacles, Queen of Cups) represent to me a state of being in control or wanting to be in control at a physical, mental, and spiritual level. The Tower, in stark contrast, is about loss of control, chaos, and “falling apart” at an emotional level.

In the present, the face I show the world is affected by obstacles and opposition, forces competing against each other, a lack of coordination and cooperation. In contrast, my physical, mental, and emotional state (Sun, Star, 10 of Pentacles) all seem positive and solid. The Moon (spiritual state) does suggest the possibility of deception or illusion, not seeing things clearly, being fooled by my own imagination.

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  1. I like the cards and the interpretation. I think many have past lives focusing on material wealth and then we find ourselves in the present attoning for those sins.


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