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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Sun Sign Astrology vs Birth Chart Transits

As a professional astrologer, I am not going to defend "Sun Sign Astrology" (the method used to write horoscopes, like the ones you see in the newspaper or on line). To say that everyone born with the Sun in Libra, for example, will have the same experience on any given day is, of course, pretty silly. Nevertheless, I do write Sun Sign horoscopes and I do not feel they are completely without value.

Let's look at my Sun Sign horoscope for today -- September 9, 2018. When I was born, the Sun was in Sagittarius. Here is the horoscope I wrote for today for Sagittarius at _Tell My Tarot_:
Your public persona and social responsibilities are in the limelight today, dear Sagittarius, as the New Moon in your solar 10th house offers energy to take a new approach in those areas of your life. Aspects favor finances (strong instincts and common sense prevail) and health (you may be attracted to an unusual approach).
My initial comments about the New Moon being in the "solar 10th house" are based on a method that assigns house numbers to signs. The New Moon is in Virgo. For a Sagittarius Sun Sign horoscope, we look at Sagittarius as being the First House. We go counter-clockwise around the zodiac wheel until we come to Virgo, counting Sagittarius as First House, Capricorn as 2nd House, Aquarius as 3rd House, and so forth. Using this method, Virgo is the 10th House for someone with a Sagittarius Sun Sign.

In astrology, the 10th house is the house of career, public reputation, status, social responsibilities, and people in authority. Therefore, in my Sun Sign horoscope for Sagittarius, I mentioned "public persona and social responsibilities" as the area where the New Moon would make itself known to a Sagittarius. The "new energy" I mentioned comes with the New Moon, no matter which house it is in.

However, as I mentioned above, in my birth chart, the New Moon (in Virgo) is in my 12th House. This is interesting because Virgo is actually my rising sign, so you would think that the New Moon would be in my 1st House. But it isn't, because my ascendant is around 22 degrees Virgo, and the New Moon is at about 5 degrees Virgo, which is in my 12th house.

Whereas the 10th house is a very public house, the 12th is a very private house. It typically refers to "secrets and self-undoing," sacrifices, karmic lessons, what we know subconsciously, and institutions (where people are confined or hidden from the public).

In the Sun Sign horoscope for the sign Libra today, the New Moon is in the solar 12th house. I wrote:
Today, dear Libra, the New Moon in your solar 12th house today presents you with an opportunity to take a new approach to the secret, private areas in your life. 
Rather than ignore my Sun Sign horoscope, I am choosing to consider it along with the transit Moon in my birth chart. How do the two areas of my life (10th house and 12th house) conflict with or complement each other? What influence do they have on each other? How might a new approach or path related to one of them affect the other? And what am I going to do about it, if anything?

If you know where the New Moon is in your birth chart, check your Sun Sign horoscope at _Tell My Tarot_ and let me know what you can do with the information about both houses (or maybe it will be the same house in both!)

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