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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Attaining Your Goals

I came across the following spread at www.crystal-reflections.com and decided it was a good one to use with one of my animal oracle decks. I am going to go with the Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King (Blue Angel).

Layout and Positional Definitions:
Issues to Address……………………………………..Issues to Address
Primary Strength………………………………………Primary Weakness

Primary Strength: MAGPIE (Balance / Water)
I can’t complain about that! Balance is a good thing to have as my primary strength. The deck’s creator, Scott Alexander King, writes that Magpie heralds a “confrontation of fears, the reshuffling of thoughts, review of values and a loosening up of everything that has offered sustenance and strength up until now.” And so I read my Primary Strength as being able and willing to seek and achieve that poise or balance – “the embodiment of ‘the opposites that are equal.’”

Primary Weakness: BAT (Rebirth / Air)
It seems that my Primary Weakness is that I have difficulty undertaking the preparations that are necessary for rebirth of any kind, including discarding old practices, consciously facing emotional issues, removing obstacles that are preventing my life from flowing smoothly, and/or cutting out dead wood and removing garbage. This weakness makes it hard for me to renew emotional, physical, and spiritual energies.

Goal: DRAGONFLY (Illusion / Air)
My goal needs to be to break through self-endorsed limitations that hinder development and growth. This involves seeing through illusions I have woven around myself as a form of protection. The danger is that I may start believing my own deception or falsity that I have created to protect my own sense of security or self-esteem. These illusions may be reflect values, beliefs, or traditions I was taught in the past that are no longer relevant in my life. I have accepted them as my reality for so long, I have trouble seeing what is real and what is not. My goal is to gain a clear, truthful view of myself and my world.

Issues to Address: WOMBAT (Gentle Aggression / Earth)
My reaction when I feel threatened is an issue to address. Do I speak with assertiveness or do I irrationally “hit the roof” when I feel threatened? Can I learn to speak up and confront perceived wrongs with confidence, without being excessively violent or rude?

Issues to Address: BUSTARD (Confidence / Fire)
Where does confidence come from? How do we become confident? The Bustard’s appearance in this position indicates that I need to address how, why, when, and where I can build and maintain my confidence. I need to understand that confidence arises out of a strong relationship with Spirit and a belief that I will be protected, nurtured and encouraged to live a prosperous life.

Outcome: DOLPHIN (Breath / Water)
This card is about exploring and seeking to understand our life before we took our first breath. It is about reviewing our life in that context in an effort to understand how that experience may have affected who we are today. The details of my life before birth that I may remember through meditation can provide a foundation on which I can re-map my journey. As an Outcome card, I think the Dolphin suggests that I will be open to gaining new insights and learning new truths about myself.


  1. I enjoyed reading this - the spread does seem to touch on some deeper issues. I wonder how it would work with tarot?


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