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Monday, May 4, 2015

Mom's House - Reading #2

UPDATE: We sold Mom's house on May 22. The closing is scheduled for June. I don't know too much about the buyer except that she is a middle-aged lady whose sister and another person live with her. According to the realtor, she "fell in love with" Mom's house. When the offer came in, I texted and telephoned with my siblings and sat down with Mom to decide what to counter-offer. We came down quite a lot from the asking price because the house has been on the market for over a year and is competing with new construction in the same subdivision. The buyer accepted our counter-offer.

For background on this spread (where I got it, how I’ve been using it, etc.) please click HERE .

Having received a response of “not likely” from this spread last month, I am asking the same question for this month: Will we get an offer on Mom’s house this month?

As before, I am using Chloë McCracken’s Celtic Lenormand deck, with artwork by Will Worthington (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)

And the answer is:

Birds – Owls (12 / 7 of Diamonds)
Birds – Songbirds (12 / 7 of Diamonds)
Child – Boy (13 / Jack of Spades)

Now, in the method I’m using, the answer is based on the playing card association for each card. Reds (hearts, diamonds) are taken as a “yes” answer and blacks (spades, clubs) as a “no.”

The first thing I notice is that Songbirds (7 of Diamonds) appeared on the reading for last month, and here they are again. As I mentioned last time, the Songbirds can represent siblings. There are three birds on this card, and I am one of three siblings helping Mom sell her house. In addition, the Birds card deals with communication and negotiations, which is very appropriate here.

Being a red card, the 7 of Diamonds suggests a “yes” answer. We have support for that from the Owls (also a 7 of Diamonds). Again we have the three “siblings” perched on a branch. So this plus the idea of communication and negotiation are continuing themes for this topic.

However, Child – Boy is from a black suit (Jack of Spades), which suggests a “no” answer. Who is this Child-Boy and why is he interfering with the sale of the house?!?! (LOL)

In general, the card represents innocence, immaturity, honesty, and playfulness. There is a sense of a childlike perspective or “beginner’s mind” that allows one to see a situation as if for the first time. If we had not already done so very recently, I might think this alludes to the need to walk through the house and look at it as if seeing it for the first time, through the eyes of a potential buyer. As I said, we just did this, and made a lot of small but nonetheless meaningful improvements and repairs.

Is the Child-Boy saying that we still haven’t got it just right? Or perhaps this card is telling me that this is the type of buyer we need – someone who has an enthusiastic, young-at-heart (or literally young) perspective, someone who sees the house as a new beginning, open to seeing the house as he (or she) could make it. And this particular type of buyer has simply not come along yet, and may not come along this month.

I am encouraged by the fact that we have two reds and one black this time, as opposed to two blacks and one red last month. So the answer, perhaps, is “not 100% certain” but there is a chance.

Meanwhile, the birds sit perched on their branches, waiting patiently.


  1. I love seeing this deck put to work. I've received my copy yesterday but it is still sitting in its beautiful box waiting for tonight's Full moon reading
    Good luck selling you moms house!

    1. Ah, a Full Moon reading. That will be perfect! Thank you for your good wishes about the house.


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