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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

When Are You Most “Yourself?”

I remember a conversation with my brother years ago, after I made a major, life-altering change in my life. He asked, “Are you happy?” I said, “I feel like I can be myself. And that’s really important.”

To one degree or another, I think we all play various “roles” during the course of our life. All of those roles are part of who we are, really, but I think most of us experience times or moments when we are truly relaxed enough to just “be ourselves,” without consciously (or even subconsciously!) thinking about any role we could be playing.

I decided to draw three cards to answer the question: “When am I most ‘myself’?”

For this reading I am throwing caution to the winds and using a new oracle deck (watch for my review in the near future): the Vintage Wisdom Oracle by Victoria Moseley (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.) This deck consists of “52 lavishly illustrated cards infused with the beauty and inspiration of goddesses, divas, and etheric muses.”

And the winners are:


On this card, “a tantric goddess sits within an ancient temple of worship. She is filled with the ecstasy of divine union, which permeates the room in a rainbow of hues radiating from her aura.”

“Union suggests the possibility of a new relationship, special friendship, creative project or meditation. The entwining of the divine energy of union seeks authentic expression. The heavenly energy represented by this card could also signify the answer to a prayer.”


On this card, “Isis, giver of life and diviner of magic, is depicted standing motionless in a haunting moonlit river.”

“The Dreams card signifies that now may be time to make a significant decision or to rethink your direction and make some changes, which, however small, could lead to larger things.”


“Portrayed on a fantasy landscape of clouds and falling stars, the mystyerious hand of fate writes scripture into the ether, as if recording the karmic destiny of a soul’s earthly sojourn. . . An angel leans nonchalantly against the clock, awaiting her next assignment. . .”

“The appearance of the Divine Timing card invites you to align with your intuitive nature, while being patient and flexible. . . Be ready for synchronous happenings, unexpected blessings, and sudden endings or beginnings.”

I relate to each of these cards at a deep level, and I have to agree that I am “myself” in situations and circumstances where I can experience the energy and gifts of Union, Dreams, and Divine Timing. In fact, I experience Union with many different spirits and symbolic representations in my Dreams, some of which do reflect a sense of Divine Timing. As a Sagittarius, I am most “myself” in a setting that represents higher thoughts, philosophies, and spirituality.


  1. It is a great milestone in ones life if you can say: I am who I a want to be: ME!

  2. Interesting question and I liked how the cards answered you. I agree that we do throughout life play many roles but the biggest role we can learn to play is truly being ourselves and not trying to live up to the expectations of others. I may very well try this spread out for myself. ^_^

    1. Let me know if you try it, Helen. I think I will try it with a Tarot deck. This oracle deck was interesting but a traditional RWS type deck might give me an equally useful perspective.

  3. I finally did this spread with the Old English asking the same question as you. I got, Ace of Cups - 6 of Batons - 8 Swords
    I laughed when I saw the 6 of Batons as the image depicts a woman among her crops and feeding a chicken and chicks - I think the simple answer these cards are giving me to when am I most my self is:

    When I do not have to hide my feelings, and am allowed to express them, and this I can do most freely whilst I am among nature, growing things and caring for my garden. The last card seems to remind me that what stops me from being myself at times is my thoughts, they trap me into thinking I cannot be. A timely reminder to watch how my mind works and to not let it trap me into thinking I cannot be myself.


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