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Friday, December 26, 2014

Ghosts of Christmas: A Reading

As of December 25, 2014, I am the happy owner of the _Ghost Tarot_, with artwork by Davide Corsi (published by Lo Scarabeo). I was introduced to this deck by one of my Tarot students. As part of an assignment, she discussed her impressions of several cards, and I quickly decided I wanted to work with this deck. A little hint to Santa (in this case, my daughter) and here we are!

A thought came to me (which I’m sure has come to other people, so please don’t credit me with an original idea or accuse me of stealing yours) of drawing three cards to represent (1) the Ghost of Christmas Past, (2) the Ghost of Christmas Present, and (3) the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. The positions are based, of course, on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

Let’s see what messages the ghosts have for me…

(1) the Ghost of Christmas Past

The THREE OF PENTACLES speaks: “I am linked with the element Earth and the nature of material things. Roots. Security. Stability. A secure foundation was laid in the past  -- by others and by yourself -- on which you were able to build.”

My response: I know that everything starts small, but with dedication and sacrifice “on our part and by those who love us” (as it says in the LWB) there will be growth, expansion, and completion

(2) the Ghost of Christmas Present

The FOUR OF CHALICES speaks: “I am linked with the element of Water and to human emotions. Memories made today contribute to new emotions. Not all of this is happiness and light. Yet it is most important that you learn to see the hope offered to you, even if it seems to arrive from nowhere.”

My response: I know that at any given time, even at Christmas, it is all too easy to fixate on what feels wrong or sad in life. The key is not to get so bogged down emotionally that I cannot or will not look up and see the chalice of happiness and love that is offered to me.”

(3) the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

THE EMPRESS speaks: “I bring authority tempered by humility and grace, power infused with love and compassion. As The Empress, you must blend these qualities, being willing to both exert your influence and to step back and sacrifice for the greater good when necessary.”

My response: This is a high goal indeed, but one to which I can aspire.  I see The Empress as a card of fertility and of giving birth to new ideas, stories, and songs. Her importance as the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come cannot be overstated. The possiblities and potential are there. It is up to me to bring them to fruition.

Wishing everyone many memorable blessings during this holiday season!


  1. Hi Zanna! Many good wishes for the Holidays in return. What a lovely gift you've got from "Santa" and such a promising Future card. I think the efforts of the past will come to full fruition in the future :)


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