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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Reading with the Ghosts and Spirits Tarot

To read my review of Lisa Hunt's Ghosts and Spirits Tarot (U.S. Games Systems), click HERE.
I decided to take the deck for a trial read using the spread Lisa provides in the Little White Book that accompanies the deck. It's called the Realm of the Spirits Five-Card Spread.

The cards are laid out like this:




by Lisa Hunt (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)

Card 1 reveals the Present: FOUR of CUPS

The card depicts sailors sinking to a watery grave -- aka "Davy Jones' Locker." With Four as a number of stability but also stagnation, and Cups being the suit of Water (emotions), I feel I am being prompted to explore my current emotional state with an eye toward breaking free from "the waters of indifference" (great expression, Lisa!) I am a good swimmer, and I can remember jumping off a high dive and plunging down, down, down under water. I learned to remain calm and to hold my breath, releasing a tiny amount of air at a time as I pushed myself up to the surface. It sounds like I need to do this in a "figurative" sense, to emerge from my own "watery grave."

Card 2 is about the Past: THE WORLD (Trump 21)

In this deck, The World associated with La Danse Macabre or "Dance of Death" -- an allegory that presents death as the great equalizer, affecting all people the same regardless of social status or personal fortune. This card seems to represent a major turning point or time of transformation that occurred in the past, which influences my actions, beliefs, and behavior today. As it turned out, this transformation or transition presented new opportunities and freedoms that I continue to cherish today.

Card 3 relates to Fears: FOUR OF PENTACLES

This card features the Wanjina, supernatural spirits of aborigines. As Lisa Hunt describes them, these spirits "are there to imbibe gifts." The traditional Four of Pentacles warning against greed also applies. I see in this card a fear of losing something that makes me feel secure. This could relate to money, possessions, health, work -- or a combination thereof.

Card 4 refers to Joys: THE LOVERS (Trump 6)

Here we have the Specter Bridegroom. In her description of the card, Lisa Hunt talks about the illusions about a relationship being swept away. What I see in this card are the Joys that I have found in my relationship with my husband, who happens to be a Gemini (the sign associated with The Lovers card in the Golden Dawn system). Because of past experiences, I am no longer prone to believing in illusions where relationships are concerned. Therefore I am able to experience joy from the very real and present aspects of my marriage, rather than from some sort of fairytale expectation.

Card 5 looks toward the Future: THE HANGED MAN (Trump 12)

Apparently I can look forward to an encounter with The Undead/Vampire in the Future. Not my idea of a good time. Lisa Hunt interprets this card as a warning to "beware of circumstances that can lead to stagnation and feelings of futility." How interesting, since that is the gist of what the Four of Cups referred to in the "Present" position. Once again I am being encouraged to examine whether I am letting myself sink into a "soul-sucking situation" (again, nice expression, Lisa!) Complacency is not my friend. The association of The Hanged Man with the planet Neptune (Golden Dawn) reinforces that Four of Cups watery grave thing by virtue of Neptune's rulership of Pisces.

The spirits have given me much to contemplate. I appreciate what I have been able to glean from this set of cards, and I will certainly use them again soon!


  1. Interesting reading Zanna. Nice to see the deck at work.

  2. You position 3 and 5 mixed

    1. You're right - my bad! When I have time, I'll re-create the picture with the cards in the correct positions.


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