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Friday, February 26, 2010

Tarot Exercise: Your Tarot Initials (by Zanna)

Many thanks to Helen for sharing this exercise and to Tarot Dame for creating it! More details about the exercise can be found here: http://tarotdame.com/. I just had to give this a try using my Faery Wicca deck!

Shuffle your deck, asking for cards that will describe you. Then, starting with the top of the deck, count cards until you get to your first initial. Remove that card. Then continue counting further into the deck until you get to your middle initial (if you have one), removing that card. Then do the same for the initial of your last name, removing that card. Turn over the cards, and they will share facets of yourself.

The cards that corresponded with my initials were:
  • Ridire of Domhan (Knight of Pentacles/Earth)
  • Seven of Uisce (Seven of Cups/Water)
  • Six of Aer (Six of Swords/Air)

Ridire of Domhan (Knight of Pentacles/Earth)
Well, this is a perfect example of why it’s not a good idea to assume that a Court Card literally represents a specific gender and age. I’m neither young nor a man. However, it could be argued that I have something of the same sort of temperament (in some situations) as a youthful male. In fact, when I was a young girl, I often thought I’d prefer to be a boy because boys got to wear pants all the time (I did not like wearing skirts and dresses). I felt males had more opportunities and options available to them in a number of areas. I was not a “tomboy” and not into sports or anything like that, I just had very little interest in all the frou-frou-lady stuff. Although this Knight is young, he is also viewed as the most reliable, stable, and dedicated of the Knights because of the Earth component. From an astrological standpoint, I have a very strong Earth presence in my birth chart. And yes, I am reliable, stable, and dedicated – I am also very much in contact with my “younger self.”

Seven of Uisce (Seven of Cups/Water)
Ah, the card of dreams, fantasy, and poetic sensibility. That fits me very well. I have a very rich dream life and I enjoy reading and writing fantasy and poetry. I also see in this card one of my other traits: a tendency to pursue many different things rather than devoting myself to one and mastering it. It is my choice to do this. I’m pretty sure I would quickly get bored if I focused on one or even two things to the exclusion of everything else. I don’t flit from place to place, but I do have a wide variety of interests and pasttimes. I take delight in a great many things.

Six of Aer (Six of Swords/Air)
A passage or journey is often suggested by this card, and I can truly say that my life so far has been a journey, or series of journeys, at times toward an unknown destination. There is usually a sense with this card that one is moving *away* from something – a situation, a person, the past. Although the future is unknown, there is also usually a reason to hope for success, although it may not be immediate. The smoothest transitions have occurred when I faced and solved potential or actual difficulties before heading in a new direction.

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  1. That was an interesting read Zanna, I feel I now know you just a little better than I did before LOL


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