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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Interview with Tarot of the Animal Lords

I love animals of all kinds, so it’s no surprise that I have acquired several animal-themed Tarot decks. One of the most entertaining in my view is Tarot of the Animal Lords by Pietro Alligo and Angelo Giannini.

When I was granted an interview with this deck, I was excited but a bit leery, wondering which animal-people would show up and whether they would fit in my house. I decided to conduct the interview in my back yard just to be safe. I wasn’t sure what sort of refreshments to prepare, so I picked up a variety of items at the grocery store and hoped for the best.

My guests turned out to be a mouse-woman, a koala-woman, two giraffe-people, a marsupial- mole-man, a polar-bear-man, and an antelope-woman. The smaller animal-people rode upon the larger ones, and they created quite a scene on their way to my house, stopping traffic in all directions.


(spread by FireRaven, Aeclectic Tarot Forum, Spreads Thread)

1. Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?
“My most important characteristic. . .” mused Miss Mousie, nibbling on a wedge of cheddar cheese. “Let’s see. . . I suppose that would be my ability to help you overcome problems and make decisions even when you feel overwhelmed or paralyzed with indecision. I am quick thinking, and there are very few places I cannot escape from.” She mentioned the fable in which a mouse gnaws through the ropes binding a lion and sets him free. “Little friends may prove great friends,” she said.

2. What are your strengths as a deck?
Miss Koala seemed a bit disappointed that I didn’t have any eucalyptus leaves to offer her, but she settled for some potato chips with spinach-and-onion dip. “My strengths as a deck,” she said, “include the intensity and aggressiveness I display when necessary. I am a true friend and will protect and defend you as long as you treat me well.”

3. What are your limits as a deck?
FOUR OF WANDS (Giraffes)
The very pleasant Giraffe couple before me seemed perplexed by this question. They whispered back and forth for quite a while before one of them answered. “I think perhaps we are limited in that sometimes we are so pleased with the way things are, we don’t offer enough encouragement for you to change and grow. We like to show you the bright side of things whenever possible, but that might not be what you need.”

4. What do you bring to the table -- what are you here to teach me?
FIVE OF SWORDS (Marsupial Mole)
Mr. Mole seemed lonely, and I couldn’t help noticing that he was bound by ropes and a chain. “I am here to teach you to examine each situation and relationship with an eye to your role and behavior. Do you see yourself as the winner or the loser, the conqueror or the conquered, the betrayer or the betrayed? If you are the winner, will you display compassion to your vanquished foe? If you are the loser, will you seek revenge? Are you resigned to your fate or will you follow your period of mourning with renewed hope?”

5. How can I best learn from and collaborate with you?
After finding out that I did not have any seals for him to eat, King Polar Bear devoured an entire tray of shrimp and a large bowl of fruit. “You can best learn and collaborate with me by listening to my practical advice concerning how to live in the physical, material world. I am reliable, methodical, and responsible – and you should be, too!”

. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
“Now, dear,” Queen Antelope said to King Polar Bear, “You needn’t be so gruff. We’ll find you something suitable to eat later.” She smiled at me apologetically. “Please excuse him,” she said. She took a bite of the prairie grass growing nearby and chewed it thoughtfully. “The potential outcome of our working relationship is that you will mature and grow more powerful to the point where you will feel safe and secure within yourself and in your daily life. You will feel that you can afford to be charitable and generous with your time and talent, and that you have the qualities you need to successfully pursue what you desire.”

“Can we go now?” demanded King Polar Bear. Queen Antelope smiled and patted his paw with her delicate hoof. “Yes, dear.”

I thanked them for their insights and for sharing their time with me. Off they went down the road – Miss Mousie riding Queen Antelope, Miss Koala riding Mr. Giraffe, and Mr. Mole clinging to King Polar Bear’s dense fur.

Oh look, here comes the president of my neighborhood association. I wonder what she wants?


  1. Ha ha haaaa - what an entertaining read! and I loved the deck. I laughed out loud when I read this bit "After finding out that I did not have any seals for him to eat, King Polar Bear devoured an entire tray of shrimp and a large bowl of fruit. “

    Oh I hope you managed to subdue the president of your neighbourhood association! LOL

    I loved it - as always entertaining and insightful! Great job Zanna.

  2. Yes, the "no seals" made me laugh too :D Just imagining the relationship between such an unlikely couple.

    This deck has always struck me as a bit... quizzical, like it would be a challenging - but worthwhile - read. The animals seem a little distant, almost as if they are waiting for you to prove you are ready for their message. Not an unfriendly deck, but definitely serious. Sage, that's the word!


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