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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Ghost Spirits Reading

I recently did a 3-card reading for a client in which I asked the Ghost Tarot by David Corsi (Lo Scarabeo) what it could tell her about any spirits that are around her at this time.

After doing that reading, I thought it sounded like a cool idea to do one for myself. So I did!

The Question: What can you tell me about any spirits that are around me at this time?

Before I present the cards that came forward to answer this question, I have to exclaim at the similarities between my reading and the one I did for my client. Both readings contained one Major Arcana card, and in both readings, there were connections between each of the cards and the zodiac sign Sagittarius (or the planet Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius). I don’t necessarily attribute any significance to that – but it’s interesting! 

The Cards

THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE: The Spirit of Fate. Linked with the planet Jupiter. 

This spirit remains with me as the Wheel turns, between highs and lows, failures and successes, death and rebirth. It is not a spirit that needs to “move on.” Rather, I feel it is a spirit that is part of this world as much as any other. As I mentioned, Jupiter is the ruling planet for Sagittarius, which happens to be my Sun sign. 

KNIGHT OF WANDS: The Spirit of the Traveller. Linked with three decans between Scorpio and Sagittarius. 

The sign Sagittarius is known as the sign of the traveller, and the Ninth House (associated with Sagittarius) is the House of Long-Distance Travel and Philosophy. The spirit represented by this card shows me the vastness of the world that lies ahead of me and behind me. 

EIGHT OF WANDS: “Freedom is priceless. And boundless.” Linked with Mercury in Sagittarius. 

The saying for this card in the LWB is “Freedom is priceless. And boundless.” And yes, Sagittarius is known for its need and desire for freedom and independence. I love the image on this card, of the golden, glowing woman floating through the sky over hills and rivers, free as the birds who accompany her.

I would be remiss not to mention that Sagittarius was my father’s Sun sign (I was born on his birthday). He passed away in 1998, and I can’t help feeling that these cards somewhat represent his continued presence – not because his spirit “can’t move on,” but because it *can* visit and inhabit this realm as easily as any other.

If you would like a one-card reading about the spirits surrounding you at this time, just leave a comment below. I have to approve all comments, so I will be sure to see it. If you want the reading to be private, you will need to contact me to let me know how to contact you privately.


  1. I have several ghosts around me. They do me no harm, but one in particular has worked extra hard to get my attention and I'm struggling to understand why. I used to think he wanted me to help him, but now I wonder if he is trying to help me. He is someone who died over a hundred years ago, and he's not related to me, so what is the nature of the connection between us and what am I meant to do about it?

    1. The Ghost Tarot has chosen THE MAGICIAN to respond to your question. In this deck, the card is subtitled “The Alchemist’s Will,” and it reminds us that everything is formed by the Alchemy of four different elements (water/emotion, fire/energy, earth/stability, and air/intellect). The emphasis is on transformation rather than creation or destruction.

      To me, the ghost you asked about might be trying to “coach you” or teach you how to use all four elements at your disposal in everything you do. You have the power available to you, and you need only to learn how to channel elemental influences from “above” to “below,” into your everyday manifestations.

      If you are a student of the Tarot, this ghost is perhaps pointing you to The Magician card for more insight and understanding of what your connection is to him as well as what you are meant to do about it.

      Zanna Starr

  2. Thank you for your kindness in pulling a card for me, Zanna. I spent four and a half years trying to figure out how to help this spirit, and it only occurred to me a few months ago that perhaps he wants to return the favor. With all the communication going on between me and him, it does seem that The Magician card is appropriate for expressing the back-and-forth and above-and-below energy we have built up between us. And I think I know exactly what it is that he wants to coach me on.

    Blessings to you! Your quick read of the situation was more helpful than you know.

  3. Replies
    1. Dear Unknown, the Ghost Tarot has chosen the FOUR OF SWORDS to respond to your request. The primary message this ghost has for you is that you would benefit from taking some time away from everyday demands, worries, and pressures in your life. This may not mean physically “getting away.” It is usualy more about a mental “getaway” – creating space and time for meditation, reflection, and contemplation, to refresh and recharge yourself. This ghost wants you to be open to communication with their spirit during these quiet times. They offer comfort, care, and renewal to your spirit. In life, I feel this ghost had a rational, intelligent nature that helped when dealing with conflict. They were always open to the exchange of ideas and increased understanding.


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