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Monday, December 31, 2018

New Year's Reading with Tarot Familiars

I really love the spread Helen Howell designed for a New Year’s reading, so I am going to use it with my newest deck, a birthday gift: Tarot Familiars by Lisa Parker (Fournier).

Designed by Helen Howell

And here are the cards I drew:

Card 1: What appears to be the overall energy that surrounds you in the New Year?
The overall energy surrounding me in the New Year seems to be the energy of both cooperation and contrast. With the Two of Cups, I usually get a sense of connection at an emotional level between other people (or perhaps one specific person) and me. The Two can also represent opposing forces that need to be reconciled so that they balance and support each instead of pulling against each other. I can see where all of these interpretations could apply in 2019.

Card 2: How can you make this year successful for you?
I usually see this card as representing kindness and giving to others (charity). Certainly I will continue to give what I already give to charities, and perhaps there is a message here to think about doing even more than I already do.


How can you make the best of your:

Card 3: Health?
The messages of this card -- moderation, self-control, careful management, and balance -- all make a lot of sense in terms of making the best of my health.

Card 4: Career/work/job
I may be approaching a turning point in 2019 after a long journey on my way to meeting a goal or goals for my career/work/job. Certainly it has felt like an uphill climb much of the time. This card (from a different deck) showed up in this spread in the “Health” position last year. I cannot quarrel with the message that too often I carry more burdens than I need to or should, purely by my own choice.

Card 5: Romantic Relationships? (or Relationships in general?) 
Aces often suggest new beginnings or the start of a new phase or stage of something. The suit of Wands is typically about enthusiasm, optimism, passion, and forward progress. All of that sounds great when applied to relationships, romantic or otherwise.

Card 6: What one thing this year do you really need to change in your life? 
This card, to me, often conveys the message that “the worst is over” or “there’s nowhere to go but up.” It’s about disappointment, grief, misfortune, and trouble. It can be a point of view or state of mind (with Swords as the card of the mind), and that is probably what I need to change in 2019. It can be too easy for me to view setbacks as “permanent” instead of temporary and to bemoan a negative situation as something that “will never change” when in fact, it very well could.

Card 7: Based on the above cards, what is the overall outlook for the New Year? 
Another Ten! In the suit of Pentacles, the Ten is a wonderfully encouraging card, often representing security, family, and success. There is a sense of having reached a pinnacle after much effort and time spent building towards a goal. A very nice outlook for the New Year!


  1. Nice to see this spread in action again and from you reading it appears to have given you good advice.


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