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Friday, December 7, 2018

New Moon Reading with The Spirit Animal Oracle

I received my copy of Colette Baron Reid’s The Spirit Animal Oracle today. Published by Hay House and illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia, this gorgeous deck jumped right out at me from the Hay House web site, and before I knew it, I had bought it, and it was one its way to my eager self.

Serendipitously, Colette includes a 7-card New Moon Reading that can be done with this deck at the beginning of each New Moon. That’s today! The purpose of the reading is to see which animal spirit has chosen to help me this coming month in seven specific areas of life.

1: survival, money, tangible assets, work


Conditions are changing, and I need to adapt, while still maintaining an inner equilibrium. There may be a need for me to resist any urge to rescue someone by trying to manage it all, or to withdraw from challenging emotions. The key is to maintain healthy boundaries and to take a break or “timeout” from someone else’s problems.

2: intimate relationships, family dynamics, friendships, and your tribe

COYOTE SPIRIT: Trust in divine detours.

There is a sense that I may be on some sort of detour in this area of life, having difficulty choosing the best path. Coyote energy is trickster energy, which may be disconcerting but always provides a lesson that needs to be learned. When I get off track, I need to try not to take the world too seriously. The right path may not be obvious or straight, but in spite of detours, I will reach my destination.

3: your personal power, self-worth, and how you show up in the world

DOLPHIN SPIRIT: This and that are true.

The dolphin is both mammal and sea creature, both “this” and “that,” which reminds me that nothing is “all good” or “all bad.” Duality is a fact of life, and sometimes we are “between time” rather than 100% on one side or another.  It may not be helpful to view things as “right” and “wrong” right now. Somethings that seems wrong could end up being right for me.

4: deeper connections to life, healing past patterns, and support for overall well-being and happiness

ELECTRIC EEL SPIRIT: Bring your ideas to life.

A big awakening is in store in this area, something that will awaken me to a big idea or new path. I have an opportunity for profound transformation. I need to be careful not to dismiss an epiphany simply because I can’t see where it might be leading me at this moment.

5: communication, being heard, owning your voice, and how you say who you are to others

GIRAFFE SPIRIT: See the big picture.

I am being encouraged to see things from a higher view, a broader perspective that allows me to look beyond the obvious. I will not benefit from focusing too closely or from being too far “up in the clouds.” Somewhere in the middle should be helpful.

6: imagination, vision, and creativity


If I am wondering where and when I can express my imagination, vision, and creativity, the answer is “here” and “now.” There is no need to look far afield or to focus on grass that may or may not be greener than what I am standing on. Here, in the timeless present, I will become the person I wish to be, and to have the experiences I wish to have.

7: intuition, spirituality, and your relationship to a Higher Power

LIZARD SPIRIT: Dream the world into being.

I can get in touch with my intuition, spirituality and relationship to a Higher Power by letting my imagination flow and open myself to the inspiration that is available. I can consciously dream a dream in which I have what I desire and in which I am who I wish to be. I need to trust my ability to create my own dream.

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