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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sacred World Oracle Reading #2


Facebook has informed me that today is Kris Waldherr’s birthday. I am a huge fan and enjoy working (and playing) with her wonderful creations, including The Sacred World Oracle, The Goddess Tarot, and the Doomed Queens Playing Cards (all published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)

You can learn more about Kris Waldherr on her web site: http://www.kriswaldherrbooks.com/site/

Today I am using The Sacred World Oracle with a 5-card spread presented in the guidebook that comes with the deck. Kris tells us that this spread “was created by Thalassa of the Daughters of Divination’s San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium (BATS). It was inspired by the ballet Swan Lake.” Its purpose is to help us “explore our blind spots – those pesky obstacles we can’t, or don’t want to see.” (In searching Tarot Notes, I discovered I did this reading once before, in 2014: http://tarotnotes-majorandminor.blogspot.com/2014/07/a-reading-with-sacred-world-oracle.html )

Step One -- Lay out four cards to represent:
(1) The Black Swan (what you need to see that can get in your way)
(2) The Magic Feather (what to do about it)
(3) The White Swan (what you need to see that can help you)
(4) The Magic Feather (how to use the solution presented in the second card)

Step Two – Lay a fifth card across the top of the previous cards to symbolize the Swan in Flight. This offers an overview of the situation for additional perspective.

And now for my reading. (The keywords following the name of each card are provided by the author in the guidebook.)

(1) The Black Swan (what you need to see that can get in your way)
PHOENIX: Rebirth. Resurrection. Immortality. Hope.
One sentence in the description for this card struck me: “What appears to be gone will return again if we are patient.” What I need to see is that it is unhelpful to dwell in sorrow on the loss or decline of something. Instead I need to life my eyes and watch for its “resurrection.”

(2) The Magic Feather (what to do about it)
RAM: Moving forward. Birth. Fearlesslness.
With its link to the zodiac sign Aries (Cardinal, Fire), the Ram is about taking action based on my belief in rebirth or resurrection of things that appear to be gone. There is no place for fear and trepidation. It might be wise to avoid being impulsive or careless, but there is nothing to be gained by sitting still, afraid to make a move.

(3) The White Swan (what you need to see that can help you)
SNAKE: Worldliness. Duality. Desire.
The Snake in this deck is not viewed as a symbol of fertility, birth, and regeneration. Instead, we are asked to focus on the idea of the Snake as a representation of duality – the dual expression of good and evil, creation and destruction, temptation and desire. An increased awareness of duality and where it can be found can help me.

(4) The Magic Feather (how to use the solution presented in the second card)
WATER: Emotions. Psychic energies. Empathy. Intuition.
I can use the message about action and fearlessness (Ram) by seeking a psychic or spirit-world connection for my actions, along with intuitive and emotional support for those actions. An interesting suggestion that Water will help me use the “Fiery” solution of the second card.

(5) Overview of the situation for additional perspective
CAT: Fertility. Beauty. Magic. Independence.

Very nice. It is within my power to express my individuality in magical, beautiful ways, ways that help me expect or anticipate the “resurrection” of that which appears to be gone, and ways that help me perceive and understand the dual nature of many aspects of life. 

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