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Monday, May 30, 2016

Dragon Fest: Part 2

Wow, I just stumbled upon a blog entry from way, way, way back in February 2014, where I started a new “series” called _Dragon Fest_. Part 1 appeared on Feb. 24, 2014, but then I forgot all about the whole thing. (Clearly, the Dragon of Memory was asleep at the wheel.)

Anyway, belated though this may be, I am continuing Dragon Fest today with Part 2! As I mentioned in Part 1, I have made several pieces of dragon-themed jewelry, for sale in my Etsy shop, Jewelry by Scotti. Here is a sample:

Go ahead and read Part 1 if you like. It will give some background on dragons in general.

Today’s guest is my new friend the Imperial Dragon Oracle by Andy Baggott and Peter Pracownik (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.) This 22-card oracle deck was published in 2009. The 22 cards correspond to the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

Given that one of my first and favorite Tarot decks was the Dragon Tarot, created and illustrated by Peter Pracownik (U.S. Games), I can’t believe it has taken me this long to bring the Imperial Dragon Oracle into the fold.

The cards in the Imperial Dragon Oracle each feature Pracownik’s gorgeous art, along with a title, a number (0 to 21), and a planetary or zodiac sign association. The accompanying Little White Book (LWB) gives us the Major Arcana card association, energy, and keyword meaning for each card. The LWB also provides Commentary, Meaning, and Reversed Meaning for each card.

Using three cards, I am going to consult these dragons for guidance for the week beginning today. Here are the dragons that came forward for me:

11 / Balance / Justice
Energy: Moral strength and integrity
Keyword Meaning: Balance
Meaning: “… The truth will always come out in the end; balance will always be restored. In order to effect positive change, you must first take full responsibility for the life you have created…”

20 / The Aeon / Judgment
Energy: The Fusion of wisdom and understanding
Keyword Meaning: Completion
Meaning: “…Everything that has happened has been part of your unfolding path… Now is the time for you to begin to understand the magic of the soul’s journey and to extract the wisdom and insight from past challenges…”

10 / Destiny / The Wheel of Fortune
Energy: The power of change
Keyword Meaning: Movement
Meaning: “…When confronted by radical change, it is best to stand in the eye of the storm with peace in your heart so as to be at one with the forces of destiny… Although it might seem that you are revisiting old energies, you are experiencing them in a new light, which brings many opportunities for personal growth and spiritual development…”

These three dragons complement each other quite nicely, demonstrating the energy of moral strength, wisdom, and change. A good sense of balance (Justice) is essential if I am to remain centered, “in the eye of the storm” with peace in my heart (Wheel). That balance can be achieved by blending wisdom and understanding (Judgment) in equal measures.

Looking at the astrological symbols on each card, we see:
* To the left: Libra, an even-keel sort of sign, lover of beauty and harmony
* To the right: Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion, an optimistic, enthusiastic energy
* In the middle: Pluto, planet of transformation

So we have that even-keel, balanced energy on either side of transformative, even explosive energy. Perhaps that’s a good thing!


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