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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Celtic Dragon Plus Celtic Lenormand: A Reading

About two years ago (Yikes! That long ago?) I did a reading with a spread that uses a Lenormand line of five and two Tarot cards

Just the other day, I came across a two-card Tarot/Lenormand combination spread over at Greylady's Hearth. I loved what Ellen did with the two cards she drew, so I decided it was time for me to try a Tarot-Lenormand combination again.

This two-card pairing features The Celtic Dragon Tarot by D.J. Conway and Lisa Hunt (Llewellyn Publications) and the Celtic Lenormand by Chloë McCracken and Will Worthington (U.S. Games Systems Inc.) I am totally not coming up with a question or concern that I want to address right now, so I am going to challenge these cards to “tell me something I need to know today.”

Okay, Celtic Dragon, you go first: JUDGMENT (Trump 20)

And now, let’s hear from the Celtic Lenormand: LORD (Card 28). This is one of two cards numbered 28 in this deck, the other being titled “Man.”

Well. You know, the first thing that strikes me with this pair of cards is the similarity between the pose or “attitude” of the dragon on the Judgment card and the man on the Lord card. I mean, look at them. But of course there are differences. Let’s see what we can see.

D.J. Conway tells us that the dragon on Trump 20 is tenderly administering healing and comfort to the man in the bed. And, thanks to Lisa Hunt’s artistry, you can sense this by looking closely at the card. Judgment does represent a cycle of renewal or rebirth, an awakening to a new world filled with sunlight.

It’s not hard, then, to imagine the man in the bed on Judgment rising up and embracing a new life, transforming himself into the man on the Lenormand Lord – proud, strong, and dignified. The Lord (or Man) card traditionally represents the querent if he is male, or the most important man in the querent’s life. I think it is fair to adjust this to say “an important man” in my life, without making the distinction of “most important.”

I see this pairing as pointing to my brother, who recently retired from a company where he worked in management for ten years. He thoroughly enjoyed the first eight years of the job, but the last two were filled with health problems, friction between himself and upper management, merging companies, and finally, an attempt by the company to give him less than he deserved in severance or retirement pay. Finally, this has all come to end, and he is free to move into a brand new phase of life with his wife.

As it turns out, my brother is visiting us this week, so this lends even more credence (in my mind) to the theory posited above. What I need to know is that this is where he is right now and anything I can do to support and encourage him will be appreciated.


  1. Thanks for mentioning me Zanna! For both of us the man card seem to have a lot more depth combined with a tarot card.:)
    It is good to hear, your brother is entering a more relaxed phase in his life

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Ellen. Sounds like both of us need to heed the message of that Paul McCartney song, "Listen to What the Man Said." :)

  2. the dragon, to me, looks like we are seeing a scene just prior to the dragon eating the person. Which would be another sort of judgement...

  3. It's a nice pairing and I think your interpretation of the Man was just right - that judgement card like you said seems to be indicating moving out of an old situation into a new, but also perhaps rising up indicates moving into a better space one that will meet the needs of the higher self.

    1. It does have that feeling, Helen. Thanks for stopping by!


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