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Monday, November 26, 2012

Life Lesson Spread from Helen!

It is my pleasure to welcome an exceptional Tarot reader and dear friend, Helen Howell, as a guest blogger today on Tarot Notes.

Some time ago Helen shared a spread on this blog called _Spirit Message Reading_, which examined something that one's guides wanted to get across right now. The spread she shares today takes that idea a little further in that it asks what is the one lesson that they feel we should learn in this life.

And now... here's Helen!

Life Lesson Spread

The Layout

Hello everyone! Helen here.

The Positional Definitions are:
1: What's the one lesson in this life that my spirit guide/s want me to learn?
2: Why do they need me to learn this?
3: How will they help me to achieve this?
4: How will I recognise the signs from them?
5: What will be the outcome of completing this task?

I'll take this spread for a run and show you it working - shuffling up my Joie de Vivre Tarot (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)

Joie de Vivre Tarot
1: What's the one lesson in this life that my guide/s want me to learn?
Five of Swords

From the image of this card, and it's quite different from the traditional RWS image, the message I am getting about the one lesson I need to learn in this life is that life is not a battle, and that there is no need to prove myself in any way. It seems to say all this does is isolate one from another. I thought I had a pretty good handle on this, but the ego is a tricksy thing and if allowed will show itself. I understand this and the temptation when in a group to shine along with the rest. I guess I must still work on this one.

Joie de Vivre Tarot
2: Why do they need me to learn this?
Three of Swords

They need me to learn this lesson, so that I do not bring unhappiness upon myself and that I can instead focus on things that really are important. The ego can dull one's view and when not focusing on it you are able to see things in a different light.

3: How will they help me to achieve this?
Four of Swords

They will guide me in meditations that will allow me to gain a better perspective on my life and my achievements. If I take the time to be quiet and still they will help me to heal from things in my past that make me feel I should prove myself and I will emerge with a different focus.

Joie de Vivre Tarot
4: How will I recognise any signs from them?
Two of Wands

All I have to do is trust my intuition. It will tune into any messages they want me to receive and help me take the next best step in my journey and growth. By staying in harmony with my thoughts, feelings and higher self, I will be able to create with their help a life that offers me more benefit from a spiritual point of view and an emotional one.

Joie de Vivre Tarot
5: What will be the outcome of completing this task?
Three of Cups

Harmony will be fully restored, and I will achieve what they desire for me, which is a balance between mind, body and soul. This in turn will improve not just my life as it is, but also my relationships with those around me.

Putting this all together it seems that the life lesson I need to learn is to be content to be who I am, and release all desire to prove myself, because in the end this is not important to my spiritual journey. They will assist me through meditation and I should trust my intuition to guide me and translate the messages they send. Once I have completely overcome any desire to prove myself or compete in anyway, I will have achieved the balance required that will enhance my time on this earth, not just spiritually but physically too.

You'll notice that in this set of cards there are no Majors, and so that tells me that this is something I am making progress with but still need to pay attention to in my everyday life. Also the majority of cards are swords and this relates to my thinking. So the change has to come in the way I think about things.

Thanks to my spiritual guide/s for reminding me of this worthy lesson that I embarked on only a couple of years ago - obviously I still have a way to go.

If you try the spread, do come back and tell Zanna and me how it worked for you.

~ Helen Howell


  1. Thanks Zanna for inviting me over! ^_^

  2. I had a few reversed cards with this layout. The "answers" do not make sense except when I make them upright. Do you suggest this too, or should I leave them as reversed. I had the reversed fool and princess of cups.

  3. Hi, regardless of whether the cards are upright or reversed you should really be aware that all cards have a positive, negative and neutral meaning. Now when a reversed card turns up I personally view it as a red flag to take notice, it could mean the exact opposite of the positive or a delay or that there is a block of some sort. Make sure you know what the upright meanings are and then see how the reversed card is apply to you.

    An example say you got the Fool reversed for position No 5: What will be the outcome of completing this task?

    It could indicate that this will be a new beginning for you but that progress may well be delayed and that you should think through how you will approach this. OR

    It may indicate to you that you seek out a tried and trusted way rather than take a risk on a new approach to achieve your goal and that you may have to accept your own limitations in achieving them. Just an example of how it could be interpreted.

  4. Thank you for your quick response. This was helpful.


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