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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Spirit Message Reading from Helen!

Many thanks to Helen Howell for this insightful, inspiring guest post!

In March 2011 when I was co-author along with Zanna of this blog, I shared a reading titled Spirit Message.  I thought it would be interesting to revisit that spread. I’m happy to share again this two card spread with you, and I hope if you try it out, you will receive the answer you need right now.

The Gendron Tarot  by Melanie Gendron and published by U.S. Games Systems Inc. called to me. 

Cards lay side by side: 

The Gendron Tarot
Card 1: What message does my guide/s really want to get across to me right now? 
Ace of Wands

All the pink in this card gives me a great sense of love. My guide/s wants me to know that I am loved, that this is now the start of the rest of my journey. I feel from the image what they are saying is this is a new beginning for me, one where my ideas, creativity and innovation can grow and flourish. They seem to want me to know and acknowledge the potential that now exists for me. The child dressed in red, shows that they believe I have the passion, will power and energy to create the future I would like to have.  A bird that sits at the child’s feet is also a message that they want to get over to me - one that says I am free, free to make choices that change my life. My guides want to remind me through this bird that can fly in the sky and move nearer towards the heavens, that I must maintain a link with my higher self and my physical self - together is where the potential lies.  This message they give me is simple: a new beginning awaits me, the potential is there. In order to realise it I must maintain a balance between my spiritual self and my physical self. This is what will help me reach my real potential. 

The Gendron Tarot
Card 2: How do they want me to use this message in my life? 
King of Cups

Well the first thing that jumps out at me from this image is use it to further my creative pursuits, but also keep that balance within my everyday life, so that my emotions stay calm.  I see the bear image coupled with the water behind the King as representing a quiet power.  By practicing in my life that sense of balance, it will give me control over what I do and enable me to be in charge of the direction I choose to take.  The King is number 14 and breaks down to 5 this is a number  of challenge but also an opportunity for change - my guides want me to use their message to bring about the changes I need in my life and to maintain the feeling that I am in control of my own future.


  1. What a lovely reading, Helen! I wish you well in finding that calm from which to spring out in a new direction :) I notice the blue flowers by the King, and the purple of his robe, which makes me think of communicating wisdom from the heart...

  2. Hi Chole, that's a lovely interpretation of the blue flowers and purple robe, thank you! ^_^

  3. sweet idea. i love learning new spreads!!! thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Violet, I hope you enjoy using the spread. ^_^

  5. Helen, I cannot thank you enough for this. The Cards you pulled relate very much to my life, at this time.

    I was reading about Het-Heret/Hatnor a few hours ago and learned that She brings Balance into one's life. Also, according to my personal Psychic Advisor, Roger Pratt, the King of Cups is the Card of the Psychic. It is the male counterpart to The High Priestess. Given that Auset/Isis gave Birth to my Soul, I often see my Soul as The High Priestess, and I AM a professional Psychic.

  6. Hi Robert, I'm glad the reading was meaningful for you. You might like to try it out for yourself and see what cards come up for your also. Your guides may have another message they want to deliver. ^_^

    1. Helen, I have no doubt you are correct, and I do look forward to doing this Spread for myself. Nonetheless, I was positively and powerfully startled to see how much your Reading accurately touched on issues and concerns in my life, especially ones I have been dealing with this week.

  7. wonderful reading. i have never heard of this deck!!

  8. @Robert well it's good that the message was also for you - spirit has a way of making itself known when it needs to. ^__^

    @Stasha, hi glad you liked the spread and the deck.


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