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Friday, September 30, 2011

One Card One Meaning: QUEEN OF SWORDS

For this series -- "One Card One Meaning" -- I will pull one card from a deck and offer a brief, simple *possible* interpretation -- not the ONLY interpretation, of course, but one possible interpretation of that card from that deck. I hope you will offer your thoughts on each card as well!

Today's card is from The Celtic Dragon Tarot 
by D.J. Conway and Lisa Hunt (Llewellyn Publications).

Be aware of active, powerful feminine energy in your life, whether it arises from within you or from your surroundings.


  1. I'm not too fond of the Queen of Swords. I know her energy is good at times but I find her rather pushy. :)

  2. I know what you mean, Wendy! In this deck, the suit of Swords is Fire instead of Air, which makes me a bit leery. Fire Power can be used in many different ways, not all of them pleasant!

  3. You know I really like the Queen of Swords, even though she has some negative aspects that one should be wary of, she is on the whole a strong woman who uses those adverse moments in life to make her stronger.

    Nice one card meaning to the image Zanna!

  4. It is sad to read the negative perceptions that people have of this strong feminine card. It is NOT about ego, the card is about TRUTH and feminine TRUTH at that, and yes, in this male dominated world of NO values or principles, feminine truth is NOT really liked or respected, even by females....!!!!!!!! such negative illusory ideas simply reveal the ignorance that people carry towards this card and the energies that it represents. Illusions have NO impact on TRUTH. blessed be.


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