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Thursday, August 25, 2011

One Card Spirit Guide Reading -Oracle of the Dragonfae (by Zanna)

I was really intrigued with Helen's One Card Spirit Guide Reading so I decided to give it a try using my Oracle of the Dragonfae. (My oracle decks don't get much attention, and I really do enjoy using them.)

Like Helen, I asked the question: If my guide could only tell me one thing, what would it be?

My answer comes from The Dragonfae Goddess Tiamet. She tells me: You are stronger than you think.

The Sumerians knew Tiamet (or Tiamat) as the mother whose body formed the Earth and the galaxies. She was venerated by the people of Arkadia, a Sumerian dynasty of 2500 BCE. Tiamet survived an attempt to destroy her, and thus brings the message that I have the strength to survive whatever challenge I face.

As a strong, super-protective mother-being, Tiamet wants me to build and create with confidence and to nurture myself and others in the process. Her power and strength are my power and strength. I love the message that Lucy Cavendish provides for this card: "You are. . . star-being, dragonkin, sea-creature, Earth dweller and forest child. You are sea and salt, and wood and stone, and you are grander and more magnificent than words or thoughts can tell you of."

Such an encouraging message! I think I will do as Helen did and pull two other cards to supplement this reading in the next day or so.

Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish
Blue Angel Gallery


  1. Well, that is certainly an encouraging draw, isn't it!

  2. Indeed it is! LOL Thanks for stopping by, Manda!

  3. I love this card and the message it's conveying to you. It seems to me that the essence of your strength lies in you knowing that you are part of the whole. That as a spirit you are connected to all the other elements and that you can draw your strength from this knowledge.

    I feel compelled to say this; None are better none are worse all are one - Great reading Zanna!

  4. PS: That's what looking at the card made me say ^__^ blame the card not me *_*

  5. I love this deck! I use it weekly, to inspire me and guide my steps in my personal development journey!

    I think this card is very encouraging. Your guide is showing that it is with you, but also telling you that your strength and power come from YOU.

    As you nurture other with your strength, remember to nurture yourself too, asking for Mother Earth's help. :)

  6. It is a powerful and generous deck, isn't it, Marina. I need to interact with it more often! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  7. Thank you for your thoughtful comments, Helen! I appreciate them.


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