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Saturday, December 6, 2008

THE MAGICIAN - Astrological Associations

Order of the Golden Dawn (OGD)
The attribution for The Magician card is the planet Mercury, ruler of the zodiac signs Virgo (Earth) and Gemini (Air).

One World Tarot by Crystal Love
The Magician is associated with the planet Mercury, ruler of the zodiac signs Virgo (Earth) and Gemini (Air).

A.E. Thierens, PhD. (Astrology & the Tarot)
The Magician is associated with the zodiac sign Aries (Fire), the first sign of the zodiac.

The Celestial Tarot by Brian Clark
The Magician is linked to the planet Mercury, ruler of the zodiac signs Virgo (Earth) and Gemini (Air). Clark's astrological keywords for this card are "Communication, Learning, Agility." To me, these apply more to Gemini than Virgo.

The Mandala Astrological Tarot by A.T. Mann
The Magician is associated with the planet Mercury and the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo. Mann explains that Mercury is "the planet of instinctive mind which may either be discriminating in Virgo or adaptable and versatile in Gemini."

The Whispering Tarot by Liz Hazel
This deck links The Magician with the planet Mercury, ruler of the zodiac signs Virgo (Earth) and Gemini (Air). Hazel also points out that Mercury is exalted in Virgo.

Here we see a consistent connection between The Magician and the planet Mercury. Thierens is the only source in this set who departs from that association by making The Magician an Aries card, a card of Fire. As we will see in future installments of this discussion, Thierens goes right down the line of signs in order, linking Trump I (The Magician) with Aries, the first sign of the zodiac; Trump 2 (The High Priestess) with Taurus, the second sign; and so on.

When pushed to give The Magician an elemental attribution, I tend to go with Air (Mercury/Gemini) rather than Earth (Mercury/Virgo). I can't explain why. It just *feels* right to me!

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  1. Blogger Helen said...

    I can see the Mercury connection, as Mercury was in Myth the Messenger of the Gods and not just fast with those winged feet but fast thinking too!

    In my Everything Tarot Book it says "mercury on the metaphysical level mediates or delivers messages between the conscious mind, altered states of consciousness and the unconscious mind.

    This to me fits in with the symbolism of the Magician's hands in the position of "As above so below". Gemini being an Air sign also fits with Mercury as it seems to be associated with the mental processes - also it may well fit because the sign of Gemini is the twins - does that mean there is a duality in that sign? because again the ETB says of Mercury "Dual in Nature, Mercury represents the archetypes of both Eternal Youth and Wise Old Man".

    Virgo being an Earth sign and Gemini being an Air sign, perhaps both linked with the Magician also indicates his ability to connect to the spiritual and manifest in the physical?

    OOh am I becoming astrological LOL :O)

  2. Yes, Helen, you are becoming astrological! Be careful, it can slip up on you before you realize it! LOL

  3. I have always read the magician represents all four elements like the world and a few others?

    1. The Magician does incorporate all four elements, but from a strictly astrological perspective (depending on which system of astrological associations you use), there are connections to specific planets or signs, which have specific elemental associations.


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