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Monday, September 9, 2019

Does my partner of 15 years still love me?

A sample reading using 
Tarot of the Old Path
created by Sylvia Gainsford and Howard Rodway

“Does my partner of 15 years still love me?”


I don't want to disappoint you, but I cannot read your partner’s mind or tell you what they are feeling or thinking. What I can do is ask the cards for insight into the energy currently surrounding this relationship. Using Tarot of the Old Path, I drew three cards to represent the Situation, Challenge, and Opportunity. Below are the cards I drew into those positions and my interpretations.

Position 1. Situation: THE STAR

On this card, a woman pours nourishing ambrosia onto the land (conscious awareness) and into an estuary flowing forth to the sea (intuitive unconscious). In the foreground we see an iris, symbol of hope and power. This is a very encouraging card to draw in this position. It conveys a sense of harmony, balance, success, inspiration, satisfaction, and a bright future.

Position 2. Challenge: SEVEN OF SWORDS

On this card, a man dressed in protective leather clothing and gloves clutches four swords and glances back over his shoulder with a grin. He appears to have stolen these weapons. As he darts quickly away, he leaves three swords standing in the background. The challenge that faces this relationship appears to involve someone not telling another person everything he or she needs to know. The "theft" shown on the card is in the area of the mind and communication. Concealed information is likely to cause conflict and insecurity.

Position 3. Opportunity: TWO OF CAULDRONS, reversed

On this card, a man and woman stand facing each other. They hold small cauldrons towards the other's lips in a gesture of love and union. Cauldrons is the suit of Water, representing emotions. Reversed, this card warns of separation, disillusion, and a troubled romance. However, in this position (Opportunity), I see this as an indication that you have an opportunity to avoid these things by heeding the messages of the other cards. Open communication and frankness is needed to restore emotional balance and allow all the positive potential indicated by The Star to shine forth.

My goal in providing this reading is to help you feel empowered to make practical, life-affirming decisions or changes. Always remember that your future lies in your hands.

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