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Monday, February 20, 2017

Fleur de Lis Reading

As I mentioned in my review, I was eager to try the Fleur de Lis reading provided in the guidebook included with the Botanical Inspirations cards by Lynn Araujo (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.), featuring illustrations by renowned Flemish artist Pierre-Joseph Redouté (1759-1840).

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Lynn Araujo explains that the Fleur de Lis has several traditional meanings, the most common being Faith/Wisdom/Valor or Perfection/Light/Life. Here is the layout for this reading:

Card 1 signifies the situation as it is.
Card 2 indicates the course of action to be taken to resolve the situation.
Card 3 projects the improved outcome of the situation.


For this reading, I decided to let Card 1 choose the topic or area to explore.

Card 1 signifies the situation as it is.

FORGET-ME-NOTS / Eternal Memories

Memories can be quite powerful. Over time they are often overlaid with more current perceptions or beliefs, to the point that we don’t really have an accurate memory at all. What we choose to remember and what we choose to suppress can reveal much about our deepest needs, fears, joys, and thoughts. In the Botanical Inspirations guidebook, Lynn Araujo writes, “Make room in your heart for the tender memories of lost loved ones, right alongside the happy memories you cherish.” I think perhaps the message to me right now is that I really can choose which memories to focus on or give a prominent place to. Dwelling on memories of bad situations, relationships, or experiences is unlikely to improve my life.

Card 2 indicates the course of action to be taken to resolve the situation.

NASTURTIUM / Victory & Conquest

So if we accept that Card 1 was calling my attention how I process and deal with my memories, the Nasturtium reminds me that “conquering those inner voices of self-doubt is the first step forward” in my personal growth (Araujo). There is probably not going to be a great big battle like those we see on movie screens. Rather, I am more likely to be faced with seemingly minor skirmishes that allow me to experience small victories, day by day. I must not underestimate the significance and power of those “small victories.”

Card 3 projects the improved outcome of the situation.

VIOLET / Faithfulness & Modesty

From Lynn Araujo: “Sometimes the quietest voice with a modest message is the one that holds the greatest wisdom.” If I heed the message of Card 2 in my efforts to resolve the situation represented by Card 1, the improved outcome is likely to be subtle, demure, and modest. I will not measure that outcome by the amount of attention I get or the accolades I receive. It is enough if I am the only one who is aware of the value and beauty of that improved outcome. It is neither necessary nor desirable that the world be aware of what I accomplish.

I love the “mini-garden” of forget-me-nots, nasturtiums, and violets that I planted with this reading. The messages will stay with me!

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