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Friday, February 19, 2016

Revisiting (Again) the Closing on Mom's House

I know you have all been waiting with bated breath for the latest installment in the Saga of Mom’s House Sale. If you remember our last episode, the closing did not take place before December 31, 2015. On January 28 I asked the cards if it would take place by February 15. Click HERE to see that reading.

Well, that didn’t happen either. The cards did not say it would. They suggested it was possible, with two “Yes” cards and one “No” card.

The latest word from the real estate agent is that the loan underwriter is still “working on” the seller’s loan.” Apparently the person who had been working on the loan has been fired. A new, supposedly “more experienced” person is now working on it.

Today I am asking, “Will the closing take place by the end of February?”

Let’s see what the Gilded Reverie Lenormand by Ciro Marchetti (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.) can tell us. As you may remember, cards from a red suit indicate "yes", whereas cards from a black suit indicate "no.")

CHILD (13 / Jack of Spades / No)
MAN (28 / Ace of Hearts / Yes)
FOX (14 / Nine of Clubs / No)

Oh dear. This time the cards are leaning towards a “Probably not” answer. Not what I wanted to hear at all.

With the mood I am in about this matter, I am seeing the Child as saying that my hopes for a closing by the end of this month are “childish” or “naïve.” I keep believing that it is going to happen, but it doesn’t.

The Man could be the new, more experienced underwriter. He may be more experienced, but apparently is still not terribly fast.

Finally, the Fox shows up, hinting at trickery, deception, or manipulation. Who is the Fox? The lender? The buyer? The real estate agent? It’s all rather unpleasant to contemplate!


  1. Well my cards disagree with yours I got two yes and one no - sun(red) Clouds (black) Clover (red) they seem to be saying to me that although there is some confusion or uncertainty about this (the clouds sit between the sun and the clover) it seems to say have confidence because there's every chance of success (sun) and the opportunity to close will show up (clover).
    You'll have to let me know which of our cards was right ^_^

    1. That's funny - I think I remember past comparisons being the opposite. But neither of us has ever pulled all three "no" or all three "yes" for this question, if I remember correctly.

    2. I like your cards much better this time!

    3. You're right, we have never had a straight 3 and I think that's because the situation is more complex than a yes or no.

    4. Exactly! The cards are not fools! (Especially the Lenormand, which does not have a Fool card LOL)


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