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Monday, September 29, 2014

The Week Ahead: Lenormand Reading

Thanks to Kerry (Neopagan Priestess) for sharing this interesting Lenormand reading method!

With this technique, you add the spread's position number to the number of the card you drew, to come up with the house number.  I decided to do a line of three using Shaheen Miro’s Tattered Nomad Oracle.

I am looking for advice for the week. I pulled:

THE SEER (37)…….THE WOMAN (29)…….THE BIRDS (12)

Using the method Kerry described in her blog post (link above), I have:

Seer (37) = 38 (Bats): Seer in the House of The Bats

These are two of the "extra" cards (above and beyond the traditional Lenormand) that Shaheen includes in his deck. The Seer represents “visionary, prophecy, creative thinking, insight, muses, connection, eternity, clarity”. The Bats represent “Rebirth, change, transformation, the unknown, pay attention, shamanism.”

So Seer in the House of Bats tells me that I will have an opportunity for insight or connection into “the unknown” or perhaps into an area of dramatic change or transformation in my life.

Woman (29)  = 31 (Sun): Woman in the House of The Sun

The Woman is in the House of the Sun (“success, good health, vitality, electricity, warmth, victory, summer, invention, ideas, thinking”). It’s a wonderful place to be, I think! I like the way it complements the Seer/Bats pairing in the sense that the mind (ideas, thinking) will be engaged, most likely leading to success and satisfaction, perhaps in the form of a change or transformation.

Birds (12) = 15 (Bear): Birds in the House of The Bear

Birds (“words, companionship, meetings, conversation”) in the House of The Bear (“strength, mother, sustenance, providence, authority”). This appears to apply specifically to the fact that I am taking my mother to a doctor’s appointment this week and that I am also doing a jewelry-making workshop at the retirement center where she lives.


  1. I've seen this method too on Kerry's blog and like it a lot. It gives your reading just that bit of extra

    1. Yes, I like the way this method works! Thanks for stopping by, Ellen.


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